Register now for UU Wellspring!

UU Wellspring is a 10-month small group program that fosters deep connections and learning between members and personal spiritual deepening. It aligns with our principle of supporting each other in our search for truth and meaning by exploring the six sources that Unitarians draw on for theology.


There are 5 essential components to UU Wellspring:

– Small group connections: meeting for two hours twice a month.

– Daily spiritual practices: your own, starting where you are at, drawing on things you already do.

– Spiritual direction: your own connection with a personal Spiritual Director.

– Deeper knowledge of UU history and theology: through short readings and videos you can spend 1-3 hours with between meetings.

– Putting UU faith into action: Asking each other, “so what?” “now what?” to put knowledge into practice.

We’ll start off with a 4-hour retreat Sept. 26! After that we will meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month from 7-9pm, October through June. We are using a multi-platform model with technology to allow meeting online and in-person at the same time.

Sign up HERE.

Archive of Past COVID-19 Notices


COVID-19 Update – March 25, 2021

Please be advised that we have reviewed the latest provincial health orders, including the March 23 variance permitting outdoor worship services, and are currently exploring the various options available to us as we determine our best path forward. For the time being, indoor social gatherings are still prohibited on the UCV grounds and worship services will continue to be online (livestreamed) only.

UCV staff work and pre-determined business dealings may still go ahead as planned so long as our COVID protocols are diligently followed (all gatherings that qualify as UCV business must still be booked through the office).

We remain optimistic that we may meet again in person soon, in one form or another, (Once everyone can do so safely) and will update you on any further developments as they unfold. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the church office.

COVID-19 Update – November 19th, 2020

Following the Provincial Health Order of November 19th, 2020 we have made the following changes to our rental policy in effect until December 7, 2020:

  • Social gathering rentals for both Hewett Centre – Main Space and the Sanctuary must be cancelled or postponed until December 7th, 2020, unless updated by Provincial Health
  • Please do not come to the sanctuary on Sunday unless your participation is essential. Contact Marie if you need an easy way to record a reading, announcement or greeting.
  • The UCV grounds are still available for use with those in your immediate household or bubble
  • UCV staff work, and pre-determined business dealings may still go ahead as planned (all gatherings that qualify as UCV business must still be booked through the office)
  • Any questions or concerns about these changes should be directed to Marcus in the office

COVID-19 Update – November 9th, 2020

Following the Provincial Health Order of November 7th, 2020 we have made the following changes to our rental policy in effect for 2 weeks until November 23, 2020:

  • Social gathering rentals for both Hewett Centre – Main Space and the Sanctuary must be cancelled or postponed until after November 23rd
  • The UCV grounds are still available for use, however we ask that folx adhere to the Public Health Order and only gather with those in your immediate household
  • Worship services will continue to be held online and we ask that folks please do not come to the sanctuary unless you are part of the staff or volunteers needed to make the live stream possible.
  • UCV staff work, and pre-determined business dealings may still go ahead as planned (all gatherings that qualify as UCV business must still be booked through the office)
  • Any questions or concerns about these changes should be directed to Marcus in the office

COVID-19 Update – September 1st, 2020

We have released our UCV Fall 2020 Go-Slowly-Forward Plan. Notable changes include:

  • Worship services will continue to be online, live streaming only
  • We have increased rental capacity for Hewett Centre – Main Space from 10 to 15 guests
  • The Sanctuary is now available for rentals with a maximum of 25 guests and 5 staff – choir loft remains Staff Only
  • Masks are now mandatory for all indoor activities
  • All windows and doors MUST remain open during indoor activities

To read the full plan and policy, including booking procedures, please see the full Go-Slowly-Forward-Plan 

Please note: All gatherings must be booked ahead of time through Marcus Hynes by emailing

Parking Lot Driveway Closure – August 6, 2020

CLOSURE OF OAK STREET PARKING LOT ENTRANCE. For safety reasons, the Oak Street entrance to the UCV Parking lot will be closed indefinitely, starting August 15th. The Fremlin Street entrance will be the main access to the parking lot.

COVID-19 Update – July 1st, 2020

We have released our UCV Summer 2020 Go-Slowly-Forward Plan which includes partial, pre-scheduled opportunities for onsite meetings during the summer period. Please read the full policy and room booking procedures here.

Live from many places…it’s the CUC!!

The Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) is an organization of Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist member congregations and individual Unitarian Universalists acting to enhance, nurture and promote the Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist religion in Canada.

Learn more this way:

  • Subscribe to the CUC Monthly eNews.
  • Read the January 2021 CUC eNews
  • Read previous issues of the CUC Monthly eNews
  • Pad your resume! Join in local discussions with UCV’s Unitarian Universalist Connections Committee (UUCC) about CUC’s mission, vision, goals, and strategic priorities, and, if you’re a congregational member or an associate member, become eligible to be a voting delegate. Contact UUCC Chair Keith Wilkinson, or members Lynn Armstrong, Kiersten Moore, Olivia Hall, or Emilie Adin.

Mark your calendar
for the 2021 Canadian Unitarian Council Conference and take part from the comfort of your home!
CUC National Conference 2021: Sustaining Our Light – Online via Zoom

  • Saturday, 8 May 2021 – CUC AGM
  • Friday, May 14 – Sunday, 16, 2021
  • Details to follow at the CUC Conference website. (Registration opens 15 Mar 2021)

Participate in the AGM Motions Roundtable 2021
Saturday, 20 February 2021 at 9 am PT |10 am MT | 11 am CT |12  pm  ET |1 pm AT

Online via Zoom:   Join us for a discussion session on the motions…

(The big stone photos were taken at E’eyalmo in winter 2021 and spring 2020.)

And while you’re waitinghere are a few book and podcast suggestions from me (Keith Wilkinson) that I thought were consistent with Unitarian principles and sources. My 8 favourites are marked with asterisks*.

On democracy and autocracy

  • Sarah Kendzior, 2020. Hiding in plain sight *
  • Sarah Kendzior, 2018. The view from flyover country
  • Steven Livitsky & Daniel Ziblatt, 2018. How democracies die *
  • Kishore Mahbubani, 2018. Has the West lost it?
  • Timothy Snyder, 2017. On tyranny *
  • Hannah Arendt, 1973, The origins of totalitarianism
  • Left right and centre (a PRX podcast) *
    “PRX is a non-profit media company specializing in audio journalism and storytelling. We believe strong public media is anchored in journalism, strengthened with diverse voices, and amplified by innovative technology”)
  • IQ2US Debates – Intelligence Squared US Debates (a Panoply podcast) *

On equity and racial justice

  • Layla F. Saad, 2020. Me and white supremacy
  • Isabel Wilkerson, 2020. Caste: The origins of our discontents *
  • Isabel Wilkerson, 2010. The warmth of other suns

On persistence and gender equity

  • Victoria James, 2020. Wine girl
  • Sara Seager, 2020. The smallest lights in the universe *
  • Chris Hadfield, 2013. An astronaut’s guide to life


  • Margaret Atwood, 2020. Dearly *


Membership Outreach Coordinator

Membership Outreach Coordinator Job Posting

Job Title: Membership Outreach Coordinator

Location: Unitarian Church of Vancouver

About the Position: The Membership Outreach Coordinator will seek to engage current members and work towards expanding our community outreach and membership. The position reports to the Congregational Administrator but works closely with the Minister, and Director of Lifespan Learning (DLL). Unitarians are a diverse spiritual organization that welcomes all faiths (and non-faith). You do not need to be a Unitarian as long as you are in support of our principles.

Vision: Because we envision a more compassionate world, we seek to deepen our spiritual and religious lives, grow and enrich our congregation, and advocate for love and justice.

Vancouver Unitarians have been part of Vancouver’s religious and cultural life since 1909. Living our vision as Unitarians, we are dedicated to spiritual growth, social justice, and reverence for nature and all life. We embody these values through worship, ethical action, artistic expression, and religious education for all ages that aim to connect hearts, heads, and hands. Our congregation welcomes all ages, orientations, abilities, and identities in our joyous search for meaning. Our vision reflects the vision of the Canadian Unitarian Council ( of which we are a member congregation.

Anticipated start date: Mid-June 2021

Application deadline: Tuesday May 4th at 11:59 PST

Hours: 30 to 35 hours/week, Sundays and some evenings required

Compensation: salary range of $27 to $32/hour, yearly Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increases and comprehensive medical and dental benefits

Interested candidates please email your resume with cover letter to Applications without a cover letter will not be reviewed.


Community Engagement

  • Promote programs and facilities in the larger community
  • Ensure facility and program descriptions are up to date and widely available
  • Create and manage social media strategy.


  • Monitor and reply in a timely manner to all contacts and requests (Breeze contact form, email, phone calls, etc.) for information by newcomers, visitors and members seeking to connect with programs or information about membership.
    • This includes data tracking and reporting procedures to evaluate the church’s success in connecting with newcomers and members.
  • Assist the Director of Lifespan Learning (DLL) with the coordination and outreach for new programs for young adults (20’s-30’s)
  • Assist the Membership Committee with the coordination of the new member orientation classes
  • With the support of the Membership Committee, the DLL, and the minister, work to connect, engage and integrate visitors, members and friends into the life of the congregation with a particular focus on young adults.

Volunteer Coordination

  • Recruit volunteers for key membership roles
  • Support volunteer recruitment for other functions
  • Create and help sustain a method of collecting information on the interests and skills of members

Program Support

  • Assist the DLL with providing start-up and admin support for new groups, such as setting up zoom meetings, online announcements, forms, etc.
  • Provide support to key committees (Environment, Refugee etc.)
  • Maintain accurate member information in our database (Breeze)
  • Assist members in use of technology when needed.

Other duties as may be assigned by the Congregational Administrator.


  • Ability to understand and support Unitarian Universalist Principles, vision and mission. Religious affiliation is not required.
  • Demonstrated experience in managing digital tools and social media platforms.
  • Ability to build creative social media campaigns that engage a wide demographic.
  • Strong ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff and volunteers.
  • Excellent ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Excellent oral communications and interpersonal communications skills.
  • Excellent organizational skills, especially in an office setting.
  • Ability to work with a variety of computer software and learn new programs.

We thank all applicants for their interest in this position, only those selected for an interview will be contacted. This position is not open to current UCV members.

The Language of Memory

Library catalogues. Museum and gallery indexes. Search engines. Any song, story, or research we could want is out there! But without indexing, it is lost in the flood.

Who decides how we describe them, though? What are the questions we ask and answer, anticipating a future audience?

Lifelong Unitarian (and recent Library and Information Technology student) Juliet Andrien goes on a semi-whimsical ramble about the slipperiness of language, the durability of storytelling, and the process of describing our cultural artifacts to machines so they can help us find them again later.

Changes to Video Management of Older Services on YouTube!

We are so fortunate to be able to provide live-streamed services to enjoy from the comfort of our own homes! I for one have also been enjoying the ability to tune in Sunday night instead, freeing me up to spend quality time with my husband Sunday mornings when our schedules align.

There are many perks to keeping our content online! However, in recent days, a small impromptu group of communications, technology, and worship folks had a sensitive conversation about protecting anonymity in worship, the dangers of having youth images up online, and even new copyright issues we’ve never had to consider before!! We know we are not the only church going through this right now, but we did have to make some changes to the way we keep content online, in line with our values.

The following are the decisions that have been made at this time (and very likely to change and get better and better as new ideas roll in)

  1. We now immediately remove greetings after the live service.

    Greetings are only available to be seen live. We hope this will increase willingness to participate for those who do not want their image to live on YouTube but are ok with the single broadcast.

  2. We keep the complete service (story, music, meditation, homily) online for one week only.

    We want people to be able to access the service throughout the week, but with copyright concerns and privacy, it is best for us to limit this. Yes! We keep a private archived copy of the whole service for our historical record-keeping!

  3. Services with a great deal of youth participation will not be kept online following the live streaming

  4. After one week we pull the service down from YouTube and replace it with a video of just the homily.

    This lives on YouTube for as long as we want. So the homily can always be watched again, accessed by new members, and shared widely.

We have a backlog of services to edit into just the homily so if you visit our YouTube and wonder why there are only a few videos so far, trust us! We’re working on it and they should be up soon!

If you have questions thoughts or feedback about this, please contact Marie and your messages will be shared with all those working on this important issue.