Refugee committee update

An update from our Refugee Committee – September 23, 2019
  • Two refugees received their Canadian citizenship recently. This was very moving as they were Palestinians and stateless their whole life.
  • One Syrian family of three (mom, dad and three-year-old daughter) are finishing their sponsorship year. The father is working. They are continuing their English lessons.
  • We have sent applications for an Iraqi family of four
  • And for one young Iranian LGBT woman refugee in Turkey and one Iranian LGBT young man.
  • We are waiting for the arrival of Jean, a Unitarian Burundian refugee in Rwanda but we do not know when.
  • We also welcomed four single young Eritrean refugees in Israel this year. They are all working in the day time and learning English in the evening‎.
  • The four young Eritrean‎ men refugees in Israel who arrived at the beginning of last year have completed their sponsorship year at the beginning of 2019. They are all working full time.
  • We are preparing an application for a single mom and her young daughter from Iran refugees in Turkey who have family in Vancouver.
If we get extra spaces we will be preparing applications for a family of five and a family of four‎ as long as we can raise the necessary funds.
– from Huguette.
See also the group that Paul Prescod is involved with supporting.
Stop by the Refugee Committee‘s fundraising table any Sunday or contact the committee to support, donate or ask questions.

Volunteer Reporters for Refugee Committee and Visual Arts


The communications committee is looking for “reporters” (one or two) to write up news, collect/take photos and post on the website updates for the Refugee Committee and the Visual Arts committee.
This would involve talking with committee news, writing up an article, sending to the committee for any additions or corrections, asking for photos, taking some (with permission of course) or finding images online to illustrate the content. For the arts committee, the article could be in the style of a review and ideally interviewing and photographing that month’s artist. (You do not need to attend meetings but of course you could.) Most if not all of this work could be done from home with a phone and computer. You would need to take the Feb. 23 workshop on how to post an article to the website. Apply to

Preview: Art for Refugees on Twitter

Art for Refugees is a silent auction of artwork by Karen Brumelle with all proceeds to the refugee committee. The art is on display in the Fireside room from December 1 to 22.

Preview: Art for Refugees (@UnitarianUCV) – click on that link to see tweets with images of art for sale in the silent auction. (You do not need a Twitter account for this.) Twitter may crop images, so always click on an image displayed with a tweet to be sure you see all of it.

The image featured in this post is displayed with this tweet.

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And you can scroll through all such tweets to preview some of the art on sale in Fireside.

Come view the actual artwork and write your first bids when the exhibit opens on December 1.

You can review bids and bid or rebid on any day. Bidding closes at 12:15 pm on December 22.

Support the wonderful work of the refugee committee – get some art for yourself or as a gift.


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