How to get help with how to use Breeze

This post complements the one John Henderson published yesterday: Breeze Usage Instructions. It doubles as a plug for the post about a bang command for UCV on DuckDuckGo, which is how to find out about anything that may be covered on the UCV website.

“how to use Breeze” —John Henderson (!ucv)

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see also – thanks again to John – “how to use the UCV website” (!ucv)

DuckDuckGo bang commands (!?) link to search results for words they follow when the commands are in parentheses, for words they precede when they are not​, as here​: !ucv bang command

Communications Team

Congregational communications are largely handled by a team of volunteers with some staff support.

How to use the Website

(Website Usage Documentation)

Documentation on how to use the UCV website for making posts, events, etc., can be found here:

The Website Usage Guide can be found here:

Submit an announcement of your event or news

Here are some ways to submit information about your event or announcement for publication.

Sunday’s Order of Service

For inclusion in the weekly order of service distributed by email on the Friday and in person on Sunday morning, send information to Marcus by noon on the Wednesday preceding. Announcements are usually 50-75 words. This gets sent out as a pdf attachment to several hundred people on the Thursday prior to the Sunday

Monthly and Occasional E-Newsletters

We use an automated program called MailPoet that integrates with our website to send out regular e-newsletters which draw information from web news posts and events. Volunteers send out regular earth spirit/environment, social responsibility and connect and engage/small groups newsletters.

Public Communications Committee Documents

Click on the link above to access various documents.

Here are additional documents:

UCV Welcome Brochure printed 2018  UCV welcome brochure

Communications Committee Terms of Reference  Communications Committee TOR Approved 20141021

Website Background and Guide

UCV Website Background

The UCV website is built on WordPress which is a content management system. This allows UCV members to easily add and modify website content.

How to use the UCV Website

The Website Usage Guide can be found here:

Documentation on how to use the UCV website for posts, events, etc., can be found here. This includes instructional videos from both Galen and Luke Zukowski: