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This post complements the one John Henderson published yesterday: Breeze Usage Instructions. It doubles as a plug for the post about a bang command for UCV on DuckDuckGo, which is how to find out about anything that may be covered on the UCV website.

how to use Breeze—John Henderson (!ucv)

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Photo Gallery

Photo gallery 2019

Save Our Salmon petitions to MPs,  Fall 2019
Climate Strike
Vancouver Unitarians join thousands at Global Climate strike, Sept 27, 2019
July 17, 2019 rally for CBC federal leaders’ debate on climate and Green New Deal
Red Dress Project in support of Indigenous groups fighting pipelines.

Tamiko Suzuki – living with less stuff

Tamiko is Outreach Coordinator for our very active Environment team. Recently her laneway home was featured on the show Living Big in a Tiny Home with the title “Wabi-Sabi Modern Japanese Inspired Small Home.”

Watch here:

Read more about Tamiko and her involvement with the Unitarians below.

As the daughter of two non-religious scientists, I was never interested in church. As a university student in Montreal I checked out the Unitarians but decided the Sunday services got in the way of skiing, hiking or just sleeping in.  Similarly, once I had a family, Sundays were for the kids’ hockey and soccer games.It wasn’t until five years ago, my kids grown up and gone, when my husband passed away suddenly, that I found a need to find a spiritual community.

I showed up at the North Shore Unitarian church and would sit in the back then slink home after the sermon. I felt I had nothing in common with all those white-haired West Van congregants until one day I joined some church elders at lunch after the service. We were sitting quietly enjoying the soup, when one grey haired lady suddenly slammed her fist on the table and said, “Can you believe what Stephen Harper just did?”  That started a rousing discussion about what was wrong with the latest bill in Ottawa. I sat up and knew right then that I had found my church!

A year later, I moved from North Van to Vancouver and purely because I didn’t want to spend  time commuting, joined UCV. I enjoyed the sermons and the music and this time I was more proactive. I started looking for a group to meet people and be able to help out. I found the Environment Team!

More about Tamiko Suzuki


Website Background and Guide

UCV Website Background

The UCV website is built on WordPress which is a content management system. This allows UCV members to easily add and modify website content.

How to use the UCV Website

The Website Usage Guide can be found here:

Documentation on how to use the UCV website for posts, events, etc., can be found here. This includes instructional videos from both Galen and Luke Zukowski:

Whitelisting UCV Email Addresses

Whitelisting UCV Email Addresses

A guide from your UCV Communications team

In order to better receive emails relating to UCV, it can be helpful to tell your email program that you trust and value UCV emails. Precise steps to do this differ based on the email program that you use.

for Gmail

  1. Navigate to your Gmail account
  2. Click on the ‘gear’ icon in the upper-right screen, and select “settings” from the dropdown menu
    Selecting settings in Gmail
  3. From the settings menu, select the “Filters and Blocked Addresses” tab, then click on the “Create a New Filter” link
    Whitelisting UCV Emails Gmail 2
  4. In the pop-up which open, enter “” in the ‘From’ field and then select the “Create filter with this search” link in the lower right of the window
    Whitelisting UCV Emails Gmail 3
  5. Check the “Never send to Spam” box (and any other options you would like) and then click “Create Filter” Whitelisting UCV Emails Gmail 4

The above steps are intended to be an elaboration of the official steps described by Google to add a filter to Gmail:

If you have any other concerns about our social media, e-newsletters and website, send to Communications Committee Co-chairs.