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January, 27 2021
Photo above: CUC Annual meeting

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This upcoming May long weekend there are many opportunities starting on Thursday at 3:30 pm Pacific to connect with Unitarians across Canada. This e-newsletter features some congregational news as well as CUC events you can join. Note you have to preregister for CUC events. They're on zoom. Sunday service also available on YouTube. Marcus will be sending out some updates on Thursday afternoon about links etc.
Do watch our UCV website for other upcoming news and events
Our Communications team now led by chair Marie Witt is keeping things updated and can respond to your questions. If you are a member and want to set up a video conference, contact
Keith Wilkinson is a former CUC Board member and president and chair of UCV's UU Connections (formerly Denominational Affairs) Committee. Kiersten Moore is a current CUC Board member and very active with the CUURE organization (Religious educators in Canada)..
- Mary Bennett for Connect and Engage Team

Upcoming Events

Connect and Engage Meeting

Our Connect & Engage team is part of the overall Membership Committee. Our focus is on welcoming new members who have joined within the past 5 years. This meeting will be an update of how we're doing zoom gatherings to connect and engage and brainstorm of other ways we can help "newish" members meet people and get involved during this …
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What's App Workshop with Luke Zukowski

The Connect and Engage team is sponsoring another tech workshop with Luke Zukowski. Your small groups (men's and women's groups, covenant groups, or just affinity/friendship groups) at UCV might find it a handy way for communicating. Here's the description: WhatsApp is the most popular way for people to communicate because 2 billion WhatsApp users prefer the convenience of online instant messaging …
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CUC Annual General Meeting

WHERE: Online via Zoom. All members of CUC member congregations and fellowships can participate but only registered delegates can vote. Register in advance at to attend the meeting.
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CUC Annual General Meeting

CUC National Gathering

CUC National Gathering
We will gather across the country, virtually, on the Friday of what was to have been the start of the National Conference. Come, we will join together to celebrate our connections and our faith. All welcome! Register in advance at to join the gathering. All are welcome.
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News from our Website

Connect and Engage Zoom Gatherings

This is where online UCV gatherings initiated by the Connect & Engage team (sub-committee of Membership Development) via zoom are listed and updated. Some gatherings are for specific groups such as our current covenant groups and men's and women's groups; others for all Unitarians--including our friends across the country. All of these sessions are coordinated by the Connect & Engage …
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Connect and Engage Zoom Gatherings

Four National CUC Online Gatherings - Victoria Day Weekend

Sunday Service Leader
Four national CUC online gatherings for the Victoria Day weekend:
Thursday, May 14: Informal Plenary, 330 pm Pacific
Friday, May 15: National Gathering, 330 pm Pacific
Saturday, May 16: 2020 Annual General Meeting, 9:00 am Pacific
Sunday, May 17: Cross-Canada Sunday Service – Live Online 9:30 am Pacific Time
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COVID-19 Notices from Our Minister and Board

COIVD-19 Update - May 12, 2020 In response to queries about allowing small groups of UCV members to meet in person on campus, the UCV Emergency Team is currently developing a policy that adheres to Provincial guidelines regarding small gatherings of people, and a specific plan for the area of the UCV campus. Please stay tuned for further information coming …
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Worship Services are live cast on
our youtube channel
go to to follow along with the order of service
After the service, switch over to zoom for our Virtual Coffee hour at
The link and any needed instructions will appear on your screen. You'll need the regular connect and engage zoom password.

Cross-Canada Sunday Service (Please note early start time--9:30 am!)

Join UUs from across Canada for a unique opportunity to celebrate in a national Sunday Service together. Rev. Norm Horofker from the Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax, with his ministerial colleagues, will lead a worship service for Canadians across the country and worldwide. Let’s come together virtually to celebrate our national connection and our national conference. Join us on Zoom …
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Cross-Canada Sunday Service (Please note early start time--9:30 am!)

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