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“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear”
- Rumi
What does it mean to be a people of Deep Listening? This is the focus theme for October that will be reflected in our worship, religious education and program groups.

We are called to practice listening with intention to those around us, maybe finding a new meaning between the words. Perhaps we can pay closer attention to what is being said, before preparing our own response, holding a silence for a moment before speaking. Truly listening is the key to understanding and building strong relationships. We listen with our ears. We also appreciate listening with our minds or hearts. But what about listening with your skin? Your body? Your imagination? Or even your memory? When feeling uncertain or overwhelmed, try quieting the noise and distraction of the world to listen for the guidance and counsel of a still, small voice.

Listening doesn’t just guide us through the world, It also creates our world. For my own spiritual practice and exercise of deep listening this month, my days will begin with a reflective meditation. I invite you to drop in and join me.

I will begin with a reading, then silence, then a brief reflection on the reading. Every Tuesday through Friday @ 9:00-9:15 am Beginning Tuesday, October 6 - Friday, October 30.
Use this link: https://meet.ucv.im/MorningMeditation
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Another way for us to connect is to join me for afternoon tea and chat. Every Wednesday @ 4pm - 5pm, beginning October 7
Use this link: https://meet.ucv.im/WednesdayTea
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I have met many of the UCV members, and am looking forward to meeting many more. Please use this link to make an appointment calendly.com/rev-lara-ucv

In October, we will begin the transitional ministry task of exploring the history and heritage of UCV, sharing and listening to stories that have shaped this congregation. Look for information from your Transition Team as they prepare an interactive UCV History Timeline for members to participate in creating and listening deeply to the story of UCV as it unfolds, in order to chart the path forward.
...Listen! Can you hear it? The Spirit is calling.

Rev. Lara Cowtan
Live Services are streamed every Sunday at 11:00am at ucv.im/live
Our Order of Service is posted at ucv.im/oos
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NEW! Starting Point Small Circle Ministries
Starting this October, UCV is excited to be launching into weekly online Starting Point small circle ministries.

We’ll follow along with the themes and stories Rev. Cowtan will be using in her weekly sermons and bring new life to both UU theology and history.
To join, please fill out the form on our website!
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Staff Announcement from HR Committee
Aurora Eyolsfson, who has been the UCV Church Administrator for the past 3 years, has left our employment. During her time with us, Aurora brought to light how little UCV has been charging for rent of our spaces compared to both other churches and the going market rental rates. She also took care of finding a much better provider for our extended health benefits
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FORUM! Replacing Pews with Chairs

Please join us on October 25th at 12:00pm as we discuss replacing the pews in our sanctuary with comfotrable chairs.
Zoom link: ucv.im/forums
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To stay updated on all important announcements, please bookmark ucv.im/announcements

Children and Youth RE Fall Update

We all know this isn’t a regular year. Every other September we see a surge in church attendance and enthusiasm for a new year of worship, gatherings, potlucks, youth group, children’s Sunday explorations and small group ministry for adults. But just as we have been forced to adapt Sunday worship services in new ways to manage the COVID reality, staff and volunteers have done the same with our children and youth programs.

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Wild Salmon Actions - Rally and Street Theatre

The Vancouver Unitarian Wild Salmon Action Team working with the Wild Salmon Defenders Alliance joined a coalition of BC First Nations and wild salmon stakeholders to demand the closure of fish farms in the Discovery Islands.

From the office of Liberal MP Terry Beech, to a Wild Salmon Die-in outside the DFO, the Wild Salmon Action Team...

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Forest Walk, September 2020

It started with a callout by the Sierra Club to organize a Forest March to protest the loss of old growth trees. After some discussion, a trio from the UCV Environment Team decided they would organize a visit to the forest but it would not be in protest of anything. Rather it would be a meditation on Nature and our love of her...

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Coming of Age Orientation Night - One Mentor's Perspective

Seven mentors and seven youth (mentees) gathered in Hewett Centre on Sunday, September 20th, most in person and another 4 via zoom, to begin a year-long journey of getting to know each other. Olivia Hall, youth coordinator, and Kiersten Moore, DRE, facilitated an evening …

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Coming of Age Orientation night - One mentor's perspective

Taking Action: Reassessing Canadian Foreign Policy

Our UCV Board approved a motion that Vancouver Unitarians become a signatory to a national campaign calling for a fundamental reassessment of Canadian foreign policy.

Consider signing to support this campaign as an individual:

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For a full list of Upcoming Events, please bookmark ucv.im/events
Soul Matters Tuesday Night Sharing Circle
November 3, 2020
7:30 pm - 8:30 pm
GCal Invite
We’ll use the monthly questions from the Soul Matters package for conversing within our neighbourhood groups.
Zoom link: ucv.im/neighbourhoods
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Second Sunday Book Group - "Reproduction"
October 11, 2020
12:30pm - 2:00pm
GCal Invite
In October, we are meeting to discuss Ian Williams’ "Reproduction"
Zoom link:
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UCV Action Evenings
Every Wednesday
7:00pm - 8:00pm
(sign-in begins at 6:45pm)
GCal Invite
We’ll join a knoweldgeable expert in our community to discuss a pressing issue each week Zoom link: ucv.im/action-evenings
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