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In this season when the veil is thin, The time is ripe
To speak with our beloved dead and hear from them.
This is not a time for weeping and grief, but a time for rejoicing with those we love
With our friends, our parents,our brothers and sisters, with all our beloved dead.
Let us welcome and make merry with our loved ones with those who have gone before us.
from Samhain invocation read each year at the Encountering Our Ancestors Service

This is an early e-newsletter this month (usually sent out around the 10th of the month) for those of you who are signed up for the Vancouver Unitarian Earth spirit e-newsletter. I only just learned that Margot Adler is among the ancestors visiting this Sunday and wanted you to know that. (If you don't know who Margot Adler is, see below.)
Please come if you can. The service starts at 11 am. There's coffee etc. in Hewett hall before hand and a musical prelude that starts about 10:50 am. And I get to do the Samhain invocation with Karl Perrin.

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Hope to see you soon!
Mary Bennett for the Vancouver Unitarian Earth Spirit Council.


Come and meet Margot Adler while the veil is still thin

Every year, Rev. Steven Epperson writes scripts for our Unitarian and Universalist ancestors to address us from the other side. UCV members then enter to the opening bars of the Twilight Zone and address our congregation, someimes with a challenge. Among the four "guests from the past" this year will be Wiccan priestess and UU Margot Adler, author of Drawing Down …
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Come and meet Margot Adler while the veil is still thin

Fall on the Labyrinth - Please help yourself to mint, chives etc.

Fall on the Labyrinth - Please help yourself to mint, chives etc.
Some of our plants are dying down and going to seed. Soon the mint, chives and various other herbs will die down to rest over the winter. You are invited to pick as much as you can possibly take--there are several kinds of mint go dry for tea or enjoy fresh. Some like the echinacea will be ready to divide …
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Click here to see more about Unitarians and Earth Spirituality

Earth Spirit Circle Honouring Fallow Time

Fallow Time: This is the time after the harvest when some fields are intentionally left plowed up and unseeded to regenerate. For us I see this as honouring the time/space in between in our lives when there is nothing to be done, to become or to force. A time of deep regeneration, patient waiting and trust that inspiration, new projects/new …
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Earth Spirit Circle Honouring Fallow Time

Circle dance - the easy way - dance for the vampires and the witches

Circle dance - the easy way - dance for the vampires and the witches
On the first Sunday of each month, we do circle dance "the easy way." As always each dance is taught before we dance it and mistakes are encouraged: We say, "There are no wrong steps only variations." In this particular gathering, we focus on 4 dances, which we repeat several times each, so you can just relax into the dances …
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Forum: Creative Conversations or Toxic Debates?

presented by the Unitarian Environment Team. CREATIVE CONVERSATIONS OR TOXIC DEBATES?  Working with the tension between power and love:  Join Don Marshall, Vancouver Unitarian and Suzuki Elder, in our Nov. 3 forum for a conversation about his path of learning about resilience and how to engage in creative conversations with those who you may not agree with. His path was …
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Forum: Creative Conversations or Toxic Debates?

Truth & Reconciliation Discussion Table

Truth & Reconciliation Discussion Table
Please stop by to browse, discuss and share your thoughts about what Truth & Reconciliation means to you. This month Tamiko Suzuki will be staffing the table. At this table you will find: - Events at UCV and in the community related to reconciliation - Books and DVDs that can be checked out - Binders containing articles and historical document …
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Monthly mending/alteration workshops

Attention Makers! A new group in Zero Waste is starting up to explore slow and sustainable fashion. For November we'll link up with the MAKE SMTHNG movement as well as having people and tools for hemming your pants, or such. MakeSomethingToolKit Monthly workshops on 4th Saturday starting October 26 in Lindsey-Priestley Room in Hewett Centre. Weekly gatherings: to be confirmed …
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Monthly mending/alteration workshops

What are our members and friends up to now?

Jodie Miller

Jodie Miller
We're happy for her, but sad for us: Jodie is moving to Salt Spring Island.
The Salt Spring Unitarians are already welcoming Jodie on their facebook group, so she'll have a ready-made community to join there. She assures us she'll be back fairly regularly and will keep in touch.
Jodie moved to Vancouver from the UK in 2016 and has since been sharing her knowledge of esoteric traditions in astrology, tarot and divinatory arts across the local community.
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Encountering our Ancestors XV  

It’s the season of Samhain/Halloween/Day of the Dead. For the fifteenth time, we summon eminent ancestors from our Unitarian Universalist history to experience their stories. Join us to welcome these visitors from the past: an occasion to reckon our good fortune as heirs of an amazing religious tradition. For the order of service and photos and names of this year's …
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Encountering our Ancestors XV  

Regular Monthly EVENTS

Be ours a religion which, like sunshine, goes everywhere;
its temple, all space;
its shrine, the good heart; its creed, all truth;
its ritual, works of love; its profession of faith, divine living.
Theodore Parker, Unitarian Minister
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Earth Spirit Circle

The congregations of the Canadian Unitarian Council affirms our living tradition which we share draws from many sources including the sixth one:
“Spiritual teachings of Earth-centered traditions which celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.”
Earth Spirit Circle - 3rd Tuesdays 7 - 8:30 pm
Hewett Hall (or in Hitschmanova Room --North entrance downstairs near parking lot, past the vegetable garden). All welcome. RSVP appreciated as it helps us plan, but you can be spontaneous and drop in if you wish.

Regular Circle Dance Gatherings

Evening Circle Dance 1st Tuesdays and 2nd Mondays 7 - 9 pm contact
Sunday Afternoon Circle Dance 1st Sundays 2 - 3:30 pm
"Gentle" introduction to Circle Dance. We do four dances and repeat them three times each.
Dance is a meditation in movement, a walking into the silence,
where every movement becomes prayer...
~ Bernard Wosien, Founder of Sacred Circle Dance
Read more about Sacred Circle Dance
Mary's blog about Sacred Circle Dance.

Our Labyrinths

See photos of the Garden Path labyrinth on our Labyrinth Page.

Environmental and Reconciliation Action

Many Unitarians consider environmental activism and reconciliation work an important part of their spiritual lives. Click below to learn more about our Environment Team and Reconciliation Working Group.
Environment Team - Reconciliation Network - Recent News Posts from Environment Team
Environment and Reconciliation - Regular Monthly Gatherings
Environment Forum - 1st Sundays 12:30 - 1:30 pm - October - June
Reconciliation Network Table - 1st Sundays 10:30 - 1 pm - Hall
Environment Team Meeting - check with - all welcome
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