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January, 2021

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Here's a small portion of what's on our website about news and upcoming events. Do check into regularly and note Recent News and Special Events in particular.
- Mary for Communications Team.

News from Our Website

North Shore Unitarians are hosting a Green New Deal Town Hall

Pact for a Green New Deal The Canadian Unitarian Council is one of 65 organizations that launched this movement on May 6th, calling on Canadians to urge their leaders to: Meet the demands of Indigenous knowledge and science and cut Canada’s emissions in half in 11 years while protecting cultural and biological diversity. Oversee a rapid, inclusive and far-reaching transition to …
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Green New Deal Town Hall a success!

On Friday, May 24th, the Vancouver Unitarians Environment Team hosted a Town Hall for the Pact for a Green New Deal in Canada. An enthusiastic group of about 100 participants generated a wealth of ideas for what the Pact should and shouldn’t include. We capped the evening singing “Make a Green New Deal”, a familiar tune with new words by …
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New Outreach Opportunity Fund recipient

The new recipient of OOF funding, starting June 1, will be the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre. The recipient was nominated by the Social Justice Committee. Every day, the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre supports over 500 women, children and seniors in crisis to meet their immediate health, housing and other needs. It helps women escape from poverty and violence by offering …
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Registration open for Harry and UU Summer Camp!

Another year at Hogwarts
Plans are rolling for a second year at Hogwarts. August 12-16 will see Hewett Centre once again transformed into the Great Hall and Hogwarts classrooms.
Harry and UU summer camp is theatre in action for kids ages 7-12. There are volunteer leadership opportunities for youth ages 13+ with a Red Cross first aid certificate. Visit our Summer Camp page to register now to hold your spot in the 2019 Hogwarts West experience.
This year our social justice focus will centre around water inspired by the national Canadian Unitarian Ripple Effect project. We will identify two local water issues to explore and learn about Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed techniques. The DA Creators will create a theatre as social action piece to fight our Horcrux. It becomes a week of living theatre, social justice, and a unique summer camp experience for Vancouver children and youth.
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Upcoming Special Events

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Public Transit & Housing -- A Virtuous Relationship?

New investment in major public transit infrastructure is typically funded, in part, from property development fees along the corridor. Thus, expensive investments tend to lead to expensive new housing. In Vancouver, the planned Broadway subway, including the proposed extension to UBC, is a high-cost transit solution that may well result in new housing along its corridor that is unaffordable for …
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Forum: Genders and Sexualities Alliance

Prepare for Pride! As Pride season begins, our GSA would like to share with you some of what we've been up to this year and invite you to upcoming events. Unitarians have had a long history of supporting LGBTQ+ rights and we may even want to brag a little.  Come and hear some stories from those who are involved as …
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Family, Volunteer, and Teacher Picnic

Celebrate the end of another program year together and the start of summer. Families bring picnic style food to share and extend our thanks to all the volunteers and staff who have led, nurtured, and advised our children and youth through the year.
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Art Visit with John Voth and Westside Unitarians

Join some Westside Unitarians at John Voth's home in Kitsilano. We'll socialize, look at John's art and be inspired. If you want to, bring a piece of your own art to share. John Voth's calling card. Snacks or beverages to share very welcome. RSVP required.
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Meet Our Members

Do you enjoy reading about our members? If so, perhaps you'd be willing to send us a photo and "bio/testimonial". Contact, our communications co-chair, Mary Bennett.

Hanno Pinder

I became a Unitarian in 1962 in Sarnia, Ontario, then, upon arriving in Vancouver, joined UCV before the move to our present location. UCV is my spiritual home; our principles and sources seem to fit with the conclusions I have drawn from living a long life. Especially UCVers share my concerns and fears about the present climate catastrophe.I like to …
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