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January, 2021
JES Trio performing for circle dance
Above: JES Trio will play for Circle Dance at the Unitarian Centre on Saturday, March 30.

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Spring--We are ready for you!

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There's a lot that goes on around here! March is full of exciting events from our much beloved Everybody's Birthday Party on March 10, to another Intergenerational Activists Dinner on March 15 and circle dancing to the tones and tunes of JES on March 30.
Here's a small portion of what's on our website about news and upcoming events. Do check into regularly and note Recent News and Special Events in particular.
- Mary for Communications Team.

News from Our Website

Happy International Women's Day

We are celebrating International Women's Day with several one-off events as well as the recent launch of two monthly women's groups. And a new website page where you can find out about news and events that relate to women's groups and women's issues. From Sheila Resels Women’s Groups - A Promising Beginning Last Monday evening we had the first …
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Pledging Ahead! Why Do We Do It?

Most Unitarian Universalist congregations/communities/churches rely on pledges from members and friends to help them plan the year ahead. Ultimately, it's donations, rentals, investment earnings, and bequests that pay for all of our costs, but pledging helps the board to predict revenue and to plan expenses for the year ahead, adding or subtracting services depending upon our predictable overall revenue. Donations …
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Mystery Pals - They're Back!

Make a Friend at Church
Back after an amazing 2018 launch: create connections across generations!
The mystery only lasts a little while, but the friendship can be much longer.
Sign-up to be a Pal to someone older or younger than yourself—we would love to have everyone involved and will match any pair from different generations (roughly 20 years apart). To facilitate anonymity, each pair will be identified by a Canadian Civil Rights Activist  with a corresponding “mailbox” envelope in the Hewett Centre Hall.
Celebrate May 5th after the service with a Mystery Reveal Party.
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Upcoming Special Events

Go to the Calendar for all upcoming events.

New to UCV "Signing Breakfast"

New to UCV “Signing Breakfast” On Sunday, March 17, 2019, we will be hosting breakfast at 9:30 am in the Fireside Room. We’ll be finished in plenty of time for everyone to get to the service after. This opportunity to sign the membership book is designed for those who have attended the “New to UCV Workshop”. UCV Leaders and committee …
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Circle Dance with JES - Live Music!

How Does Your Garden Grow? Spring is here! Come celebrate with Circle Dance to to the live music of JES. Abundance will surround us! The music will fill us with joy; the rhythmic movement will energize us; and the tastes and aromas from the garden outside will nourish our inner soul gardens to come ALIVE. What will be growing in your …
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Forum: On Settler Colonization and Its Effects

Please come to hear UCV member Cole Harris speak about the history and effects of colonization in Canada. Cole Harris, retired member of the Department of Geography at the University of British Columbia, is the author or editor of many books about British Columbia and Canada and a member of the Social Justice Committee. Sponsored by the Social Justice Committee.
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Intergenerational Activist Gathering: Lessons Learned

Following the success of the fall 2018 Intergenerational Dinner, we are holding another gathering on March 15 and this time the topic is:  Lessons Learned When Things Went Wrong (and Sometimes Even When They Went Right!). This is an invitation for all Young and Not-So-Young Activists and Supporters to join us in a fascinating, fun evening in March. UBC Community …
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Meet Our Members

Do you enjoy reading about our members? If so, perhaps you'd be willing to send us a photo and "bio/testimonial". Contact, our communications co-chair, Mary Bennett.

Lorimer Shenher will be one of the speakers at the March 15th Intergenerational Activists Dinner.

Lorimer Shenher

Lorimer Shenher is a Canadian writer living and working in Greater Vancouver, BC. This One Looks Like a Boy is Lorimer’s second book, to be published March 2019 by Greystone Books. It tells the story of his life as a transgender man coming to terms with his fear of transitioning to male. That Lonely Section of Hell — Lorimer’s first book — …
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Meet some more of our members Click to read more about some of our members.

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