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Courtyard Labyrinth with Nature Mandala placed at centre. Photo: Mary Bennett

Earth Spirituality at the Unitarian Centre

Seasonal Rituals - Labyrinth Walks - Circle Dance

Hello friend
Welcome to the monthly e-newsletter for earth spirit gatherings at the Unitarian Centre.
I've been telling friends that this is "high holiday" season for Pagans. I've been to an "investigation" at the Old Hastings Mill Store Museum, the Mountain View Cemetery Night for All Souls and the Gathering Festival/Day of the Dead Celebration.
I still hope to get to the cemetery for the closing Procession on Thursday, November 1.
I hope you've had whatever kind of Samhain or Hallowe'en you wished for - and perhaps various kinds from exciting to melancholy.
We hope you enjoy reading about some recent news and upcoming events. Do check out the website and this month's UCV EVENTS for more details.
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Hope to see you soon!
Mary Bennett for the Vancouver Unitarian Earth Spirit Council.

Featured Events

Paganism 101

The Paganism 101 curriculum will be offered on a once-a-month basis from September 2018 to June 2019. Huguette will facilitate the November gathering. The course is now full at 12 participants. Please contact ca@vancouverunitarians.ca if you'd like to be on a waitlist for future offerings. See Earth Spirit page for more earth spirituality gatherings. Facilitated by the Earth Spirit Council …
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Sacred Circle Dance for Peace and Remembrance

Mary Bennett will facilitate the 2nd Monday sacred circle dance. We'll dance to songs of Peace and Remembrance. Please bring a snack to share if that's easy for you.  RSVP appreciated to Mary. Every second Monday of the month,  join us for Circle Dance. All welcome! Dances will be taught. Usually facilitated by Corinne Chepil. We host a circle dance gathering …
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Earth Spirit Circle Monthly Gathering - Dark Moon Ritual

Wendy and Mary will coordinate the circle for November. As we meet on the day before the new moon, we'll focus on the moon cycles and especially the "dark moon". All welcome. RSVP appreciated to earthspiritucv@gmail.com We're pleased to announce that the Earth Spirit Council (previously Paganism Committee) has been revitalized and Vancouver Unitarians will again host a monthly earth …
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Speak Truth to Power

GLAD Gathering for Labyrinth, Art and Dance Thursday, Nov 15 11 am - 1 pm The phrase "speak truth to power" carries a connotation of bravery, of risking either the status quo, one's reputation or livelihood, or the wrath of the person one is confronting. The first use of the phrase is attributed to the American Religious Society of Friends …
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New Posts From Our Website

Moon Phases Are Delicious

In Neo-Paganism the moon cycles are often seen as a way to think about planting/growing/nurturing (during the waxing moon) and letting go/banishing/dcreasing (during the waning moon). Folklore certainly has lots of advice on planting and harvesting related to moon phases. The full moon is full power. And the new moon is a time for spell casting--what do you want to …
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Annual Ancestor Shrine--October 28th

Origins of Our Tradition Mary, Catherine, Nancy, Terence, Morgan and Jen first created an Ancestor Shrine with the children's program back in the fall of 2013. Transforming the meditation room into a place of remembrance at the end of October has become a firm tradition since then. It is something our children remember and connect with over the years. Please …
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Nature Mandalas and Hangings

Sandy taught us how to make rope from day lily leaves and then weave in a colourful fall mix of natural plants. If you'd like to do more nature art with Sandy, please contact her on Sundays or through earthspiritucv@gmail.com  Mary's nature mandala at the centre of the Courtyard Labyrinth Sheila making rope. …
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Earth Spirituality - Regular Gatherings

Earth Spirit Circle -- 1st Tuesdays 6 - 7 pm

Outdoors or Hitschmanova Room (North entrance downstairs near parking lot, past the vegetable garden)
All welcome. While RSVP is appreciated as it helps us plan, you can be spontaneous and just drop in if you wish.

Evening Circle Dance

Evening Circle Dances: 1st Tuesday and 2nd Monday 7-9pm. "Gentle" introduction to Circle Dance 4th Monday 7-8:30

GLAD -- Gathering for Labyrinth, Art and Dance

3rd Thursday 11 am - 1 pm Lindsey-Priestley, Hewett Hall
Be ours a religion which, like sunshine, goes everywhere;
its temple, all space;
its shrine, the good heart; its creed, all truth;
its ritual, works of love; its profession of faith, divine living.
Theodore Parker, Unitarian Minister

Unitarian Earth Spirit Council - Say "Hello" to ...

Every month, we introduce you to one of the people who participate in earth-centred spiritual practices at UCV.

Wendy Bryan

As a “night school junkie”, this fall Wendy signed up for: Paganism 101 and Wicca 101 as well as a six-week astrology course. She says she’s not sure how much paganism will form part of her spiritual practice in the future, but she’s interested so (as usual) she’s diving in. Wendy and Mary will facilitate a “dark moon” ritual in …
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Earth Spirituality Sunday Service

Encountering our Ancestors XIV

It’s the season of Samhain/Halloween/Day of the Dead. For the fourteenth time, we summon eminent ancestors from our Unitarian Universalist history to experience their stories. Podcast: http://vancouverunitarians.ca/podcast/encountering-our-ancestors-xiv/ Join us to welcome these visitors from the past: an occasion to reckon our good fortune as heirs of an amazing religious tradition. Walt Whitman poem here:  https://amiracarluccio.com/2018/06/01/preface-to-leaves-of-grass-this-is-what-you-shall-do-by-walt-whitman-part-one/  https://www.bartleby.com/39/45.html See previous Ancestors services at: …
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Dance is a meditation in movement, a walking into the silence,
where every movement becomes prayer...
~ Bernard Wosien, Founder of Sacred Circle Dance

Read more about Sacred Circle Dance

Mary's blog about Sacred Circle Dance.
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