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Welcome to the labyrinth newsletter. The labyrinths we tend and coordinate events around are located on the grounds of the Unitarian Centre at 49th & Oak in South Vancouver.
We hope you enjoy reading about the labyrinth events and news and that we'll meet in person soon. The labyrinths are available 24/7 for your pleasure. Please drop by and enjoy a meditative walk in the midst of the city.
We welcome participation from neighbours and friends. Just drop a note to if you'd like to help tend the labyrinths and help with labyrinth events.
To learn more about our labyrinths please click here.

Mary Bennett for the South Vancouver Labyrinths

Recent News

Fall on the Labyrinth

Calendula in various stages: full bloom to full seed. Planted judiciously it will grow year round. Apple mint in pot on west pathway near hedge. Cranesbill geranium (pale pink flowers) in ground in front. Pineapple mint (left) and peppermint (right) Golden Lemon thyme. Along with red creeping thyme, these were two of the plants we purchased that correspond to the …
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Nature Art Workshop with Sandy October 21 1 - 3 pm

You will take some dried day lily leaves to learn the art of rope-making. Once you have made a short piece of rope you will be able to turn into a piece of natural art by adding berries, feathers, sprigs of herbs or flowers. Once your piece is completed you can hang it inside or find a place for it …
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Thanks for the Neighbourhood Small Grant

Thanks to a Neighbourhood Small Grant from the Vancouver Foundation administered by the South Vancouver Neighbourhood House, Sandy and Marge have worked with others at UCV to improve the labyrinths and invite people to free events with refreshments and supplies for art projects. So far we have added five lavender plants, several varieties of thyme, a sage and rosemary to …
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Become a Sage - Drink Sage Tea

At our October 21 Labyrinth event, Mary will help you take cuttings of several different kinds of sage (golden, pineapple, regular and purple) to start your own sage garden. You'll be able to sample sage tea. Click here for how to make your own--it's easy.
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Upcoming Labyrinth Special Events

To see all events at the Unitarian Centre go here.

FREE Herbal Workshop

Sunday October 21 3 - 4:30 pm Herbal Workshop with Gaia Gardens You will learn how to use fresh herbs medicinally for teas, bath or foot soaks, poultices, compress and steams. Among the herbs available for picking on our Garden Path labyrinth are: rosemary, sage, thyme (lemon, red creeping), chives, garlic chives, various mints. (peppermint, pineapple mint, apple mint), lavender. Mary will …
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Fall Herbal Tea Party, Garden Crafts, Labyrinth Walk and Plant Swap

Sunday October 21 1 - 3 pm Labyrinth and Herb Tea Party Thanks to a Neighbourhood Small Grant from the Vancouver Foundation administered by the South Vancouver Neighbourhood House, we offer this free event to all our neighbours and friends. Come to the garden path labyrinth on the Fremlin side of the Unitarian Centre property (one east of Oak) at …
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GLAD October - Spirits in the Graveyard

GLAD Gathering for Labyrinth, Art and Dance will look forward to Hallowe'en/ Samhain.  Dances on October 18 will include seasonal favorites:  Swimming to the Other Side, Spirits in the Graveyard, Witches Song and Breaths of the Ancestors. Come and get in the mood for the Hallowe'en season. We invite you to snip flowers and herbs on the labyrinth to take home …
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Labyrinth Team

Please say "hello" to some of the people who work on the labyrinths and coordinate events.

Join the Team

You are invited to join our team to help out. The key need is for people to help host at our special events including publicizing events (poster drop-off, facebook etc.); setting-up (arranging furniture; preparing the labyrinths;); welcoming visitors (sharing knowledge; teaching how to draw labyrinths; answering questions) and ... all help is welcome. If you have ideas, please share them with us!

Coral Heron

I’ve  been interested in labyrinths for a long time. I've visited and walked a number of labyrinths in North America including the beautiful San Francisco Grace Cathedral.  I find  that labyrinth walking is a great addition to my spiritual practice, I was "dedicated" in the Unitarian Church although my Mom insists that ‘back in the day’ it was called a …
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