Past Services

 Embracing Our Future

Can I just come out and say it? This is a pledge drive sermon. The challenge and glory of every Unitarian congregation is that we define, govern and finance ourselves. We know these are unprecedented, uncertain times. As well, we trust each other and … read more.

In Praise of Boredom

We hope the likes of this will never come again: socially distanced, self-isolated, and worried about family, colleagues, and finances in this virus-haunted, dear world of ours.  As well, we may have discovered that we (and our children!)—being cooped up, not going to … read more.

Back to Plants

We barely talk about them and seldom know their names, yet plants give life to the Earth by producing the atmosphere that surrounds us and the oxygen that animates us.  There would be no “interdependence of all things” without them.  Spring has just arrived—time … read more.