Future Services

Letting Go

So often, we struggle for things to stay the same—relationships, jobs, identity; and for good reason—letting go is hard.  We cling to what is and often fear the unknown of what may be.  As the season of Autumn winds down and Winter approaches, … read more.

Seasonal Pageant

Our children, youth, and supporting adults bring you a history of traditions and Global awareness wrapped in familiar carols and a strong dose of fun. This year we are featuring two one-act pageants: an original work by one of our tween members and … read more.

Christmas Eve Service

Join us in this festival commemoration of Christmas.  We observe this special evening with carols, candles, readings, and the spoken word.

This is a special service full of meaning and peace; invite your friends and family.

Christmas Day Potluck and Carol Sing

No reason to be alone or cooped up on this festive day!  This is an informal gathering guaranteed to lift our holiday spirits.  Share some food and good will with good company—and don’t forget to bring your carol and holiday singing voices!

Fire Communion

In between the closing of the old year and the unfurling of the new, we come together in a ritual of reflection, letting go, and looking forward.

Fire Communion is an opportunity to cast the emotional baggage of the old year into the flames and, lighter in spirit, … read more.