Future Services

No One is Illegal?

What did Egyptian border guards say to Mary, Joseph and their infant son when they fled a murderous tyrant and sought refuge in the land of Egypt?
In an age when millions are on the road and high seas in search for a better world, … read more.

Candlelight Service

A UCV tradition: worship, the spoken word, seasonal carols and music, featuring the Chalice Choir, honouring the festivals of December and the beginning of the new year. All are invited.
Light dessert potluck after the service in Hewett Hall. Please bring a dish and stick … read more.

Hearts Full of Love: A Nativity Story

This playful and interactive Christmas pageant tells the Nativity story in a way that plays on our Unitarian Universalist principles. From the mystery and wonder of a super nova to the magical feeling of joy inspired by a heart full of love.
Our play this … read more.

Christmas Eve Celebration

On this evening, we gather with candles, carols and story to commemorate our fellowship and the gifts of the season.
Bring your family and friends; all are invited to this service for all ages.