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Becoming a Member


How do I know if I want to join?

Ask Questions

Take your own time deciding whether to become a member. Ask questions. Tell us about yourself. Spend time with us. We will welcome you, when and if you are ready.

How Do I Join?

New U Sessions

We have two prerequisites to formal church membership: that you feel at home, and that you attend a New U Session.

New U sessions:

  • Are informal
  • Take place from 9:30 to 2:30 on a Saturday in the fall and late winter
  • Give you a great opportunity to learn, or learn again, about the Unitarian faith
  • Let you meet other newcomers
  • Get you connected with the Membership Committee
  • Give us the opportunity to introduce you to our minister

At a New U orientation session, you will learn about:

  • Unitarian history and values
  • UCV history and how Vancouver Unitarians worship, teach, serve and work
  • How you can become involved

While completion of a New U session is an expectation of becoming a member of the Vancouver church, anyone simply wishing to know more is welcome to attend New U.

To register for a New U session, visit the Welcome Table in Hewett Hall any Sunday and pick up a New U registration brochure, or call the church office.