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Are You New Here?


A Sense of Coming Home

What Makes this Happen?

“I feel as if I’ve come home.”
“Where have you been all my life?”
“I think I must’ve always been a Unitarian.”

Note: If you missed the “Why I come to UCV” video on the home page, watch it now on YouTube.

Newcomers often tell us these things after walking through our doors and attending a few services and events. At the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, people find a community, a spiritual home, a place of support and caring, as well as plenty of intellectual and spiritual stimulation and challenge.

What makes this happen?

  • Discovering shared ethical values.
  • Working and playing together to build and keep community.
  • Giving and receiving support. 
  • Taking action on social justice issues.
  • Exploring our own and others’ thoughts on matters of the spirit, heart, and mind.