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Vancouver, BC V5Z 2T1
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For Newcomers


“I love being part of a community that weaves worship, beauty and social justice.”
– UCV member

The Unitarian Church of Vancouver welcomes you!

An Open and Justice-Seeking Faith
A community that welcomes your spiritual and ethical quest for a meaningful life. We welcome diversity in thought, outlook, and orientation. We come from a wide variety of religious and secular backgrounds, and from all walks of life. We encourage each and all to think, question, and explore. Here you will find accepting friends, and a home for your deepest spiritual and community needs.

 The Unitarian Church of Vancouver offers a non-dogmatic, open, and justice-seeking faith. You and your family can build your own theology and find a lively community that loves the arts, music, and learning.

Check us out!

This May Be the One
Attend a Sunday worship service, a religious education class, or a community forum. The Unitarian Church of Vancouver may be what you have been looking for all along