949 West 49th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2T1
(604) 261-7204

Who We Are


Canadian Unitarian Council Member

The Unitarian Church of Vancouver, part of Vancouver’s religious and cultural life since 1909, is a member of the Canadian Unitarian Council. UCV members have contributed significantly to the rich and interesting 400-year history of the Unitarian Universalist Movement. Click here to see some famous Unitarians.

The Unitarian Church of Vancouver

  • Is a welcoming congregation
  • Provides safe haven for honest reflection and joyful communication
  • Affirms respect and tolerance for all ethical and spiritual viewpoints
  • Affirms reasoned dialogue in the free search for truth; wise stewardship of Earth’s wonders and resources; and a recognition that all life is interdependent
  • Has an active children’s religious education program, a vibrant youth program and regularly scheduled religious exploration offerings for adults
  • Promotes worship and celebration through music in a regular Sunday service program and a variety of choirs and events
  • Nurtures a multicultural perspective; all groups and individuals with common values and interests can find a home here
  • Promotes and takes social action on a wide range of issues