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This Sunday’s Service

Does Religion Have an Auto-immune Disease?

Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson

Sanctuary :: Sunday, April 30 :: 11 am

This provocative idea was recently put forward by Rabbi Donniel Hartman. The impulse to privilege a relationship with God, he contends, too often undermines the deepest values of religion – helping to create morally sensitive and active people and ethical societies.

Order Of Service - April 30, 2017

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  • Unitarian Music Club
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  • Messy ChUrch + MAKE Dinner
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  • Moveable Feast

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Volunteer Opportunities

UCV Sanctuary370wGreeters, aka Ushers
Help Wanted: 1 hour, 1 Sunday a month. Greeters Group is in need. More info, click on image at left.
tulips370w400hInterested in becoming a UCV Lay Chaplain?
A demanding and rewarding way to represent UCV. The Committee is inviting applications for a 6-year lay chaplain position starting in 2016. To express your interest please click on the image at the left to contact one of the co-chairs of the Lay Chaplain committee.

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Canvass 2017

Each spring, we reflect on the meaning of our church in our individual lives and we consider increasing our financial contribution whenever possible. April is “Pledge Month” when you can expect to see friendly reminders about the ​importance of pledging – that is, writing down the amount you think you can contribute for the next church year July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. We need everyone pledging in order to plan our future. The amount may be changed at any time if personal circumstances change. Please commit to making a pledge this April. Our goal is 100% by April 30th!


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ARE Books150wAdult Religious Education

Human diversity, spirituality, and well-being
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UCV groups or committees often serve lunches after the Sunday service in the Hall, across the courtyard from the Sanctuary. Money raised is shared between the committee and the church’s general revenue.

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Forums are usually held in the Fireside Room at 12:30 pm on Sundays. Informed speakers give presentations on a wide variety of topics.

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UCV Mission and Vision

Fireside Room
Sunday: January 29
12:30 pm

The Board will present some exciting new developments that are related to the mission and vision of UCV. You won’t want to miss this.

May 2016: Thank you for your outstanding generosity to the pledge canvass this year. If you haven’t yet pledged, and are able to do so, we will greatly appreciate the additional help. Phone the church office or go to Pledge now.

Latest info about the 2016 canvass
General Info about Giving
Q&A about Pledging

Thank you.
– Liz Monrad, Chair, Canvass Committee
– Patrick Dubois, Treasurer

Capital Campaign for 2015–16


Capping It Off! 2015-2016 Capital Campaign Report

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