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Sunday Sermons and Copyright Notice

Here you will find sermons delivered at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver.

(For all sermons scheduled – delivered and not – see the Services notices on UCV Notes.)

Unless otherwise noted the sermons here are from our parish minister, Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson.

Sermons are available in PDF and MP3 audio files.

Sermons in PDF are listed chronologically (most recent at the top) in  Printer friendly sermons  in the right column. You can download these files to your computer to read on your monitor or to print.

To listen to a sermon, left click an MP3 file name in Listen to Sermons and Special Services.
To save  a local copy of an audio file for future use, right click on the name and choose “Save Target As” or the equivalent in your preferred web browser. Once you have the file on your computer you can load it onto your MP3 player, or burn a CD if you want to take the sermon with you.

All content is copyright Unitarian Church of Vancouver. Reproduction is permitted provided that both the author and UCV are acknowledged.

Sermons from Other Unitarian Congregations

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