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Shared Ministry


Shared ministry is a concept important to this congregation. It means that members minister to one another by sharing one another’s joys and sorrows, hopes and aspirations. Through it we offer help in times of need and rejoicing in times of celebration. One mechanism to facilitate shared ministry is the UCV Services Committee.

UCV Services Committee

Who we are
The membership of this committee comprises all members of the church; it replaced the former Care & Concern Committee. The committee has two primary functions:

  • the organization of memorial service receptions for members of the congregation
  • the organization of outreach to members facing special challenges such as illness or grief at the passing of a loved one or celebrating happy occasions such as the birth of a new baby.

Memorial service receptions are organized by Betty Bronson with the help of a number of willing volunteers who help set up and manage the receptions on behalf of the family and friends of the deceased person. Other members of the memorial reception team are Diana Ellis, Ann Foster, Charlene Gram, Dierdre Hetherington, Leslie Hill, Bennett Mitten, Phil and Marjorie Moir and Jane Sutherland.

Outreach to members in need of care, concern or celebration is organized through a tree of postal code leaders headed by Diane Donaldson and Kathryn Aberle. The congregation is divided by postal code or groups of postal codes with a leader responsible for each group. Calls for outreach come through the church or directly to Diane who then contacts the postal code leader responsible for the area in which the congregant lives. The postal code leader then determines the sort of outreach required and may call upon other congregants in the area to lend a hand. The outreach may take the form of a visit if someone is housebound or in hospital, a casserole if someone is sick and unable to cook for themselves or, depending on the situation, a card of celebration or concern.

Click here for a list of postal code leaders and profiles.

Contact Us

Getting help from the UCV Services Committee
Church office
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Diane Donaldson
604-224-0933 — email

Kathryn Aberle
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Volunteer opportunities

Do you enjoy visiting other UCV members?
A number of UCV members are house-bound, in care homes or hospital. If you are interested in volunteering some time to drop in for a visit with fellow members of the congregation, get in touch with Diane Donaldson.