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Canvass 2017

Each spring, we reflect on the meaning of our church in our individual lives and we consider increasing our financial contribution whenever possible. April is “Pledge Month” when you can expect to see friendly reminders about the ​importance of pledging – that is, writing down the amount you think you can contribute for the next church year July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018. We need everyone pledging in order to plan our future. The amount may be changed at any time if personal circumstances change. Please commit to making a pledge this April. Our goal is 100% by April 30th!

2017 Canvass Brochure

April 2, 2017
Official Canvass Kick-off April 2, 2017. Sing heartily, pledge proudly and enjoy strudel and ice cream in Hewett hall after the service today. Huge thanks to the 137 folks who picked up their pledge packet at church on March 19th or 26th as this saved us well over $100 in postage.

April 9, 2017
Thank you to our wonderful early pledgers. Our community has already received commitments for $162,190 or 40% of our $400,000 target. Please enjoy our children leading ‘Sing to the Power’ in today’s service and, if you haven’t pledged yet, come see us in Lindsay Priestley room in Hewett Hall afterward.

April 16, 2017
Thanks to all our wonderful contributors! We have received pledges of $218,000 for the 2017/2018 church year. In today’s worship service, please enjoy Leonie, our Pledge gardener and Patrick at the piano! If you have still to pledge, please come and see the Canvass Team in Hewett Hall after the service.

By Credit Card

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Please add this is a pledge in the Message/Instructions space at the Canada Helps site.

By Cheque

Fill in the pledge form by clicking on the icon at the right. It can be printed and completed by hand, or if you have a recent version of Acrobat Reader, it can be completed electronically. Just follow the instructions on the form. Pledge