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Giving to the Congregation


How You Can Give

Members and Visitors

Legacy Gifts: It is possible to support a structure for the Unitarian Church of Vancouver that will last beyond our lifetimes. For example, many of us name UCV in our wills, intending it as a generative philosophy that will inspire similar action by others. The legacy committee has many professional resources and avenues to help you define your legacy gift. But most of all, we are staffed by people who care. Contact us through the church office.

Annual Canvass: Our church is free standing and financially independent, relying solely on the generosity and commitment of its members to fund operations. UCV members and friends are canvassed every March for their yearly pledge.

Pledges from members average $1,400. We’d like to get this average up to $1,550 and provide UCV with healthy finances to support all of our operations, including maintenance of our buildings and grounds. Amounts pledged vary widely according to individual financial circumstances. If every member were to pledge according to our guidelines (3 to 5% of income before taxes for most people), the amount raised would cover basic expenses for operating a healthy church. Answers to your questions about pledging and the church budget can be found here. It is important for you to know, however, that members are always welcome regardless of financial capability.

Capital Campaigns: Our Church has just completed a capital campaign to help ensure the sustainability of this award-winning heritage campus into the future. The church has a master capital plan that provides the necessary information on the condition of buildings and grounds, priority areas and cost estimates. Much of the essential work has been funded and will be completed during 2016. Several projects remain however and when these have been priorized by the Buildings and Grounds Committee and the Board information will be available to members for donations (outside grants will be also be sought).

Sunday Offerings: Many members and friends of the church leave donations in the Sunday offering. When identifiable, these offerings are receipted to individuals for tax purposes. For others, it is the spirit of generosity at the moment that moves them, and they request no receipt. Some members choose to give their monthly pledge to the Sunday collection basket, using the envelope provided in the pew. A portion of the Sunday non-pledge offerings go to the Outreach Opportunities Fund for new community outreach initiatives.

Miscellaneous: Visitors to our sanctuary, such as guests for a wedding, memorial, baptism, or other activity in the church, are sometimes moved by the mission and vision of the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, and leave an anonymous donation in the offering boxes at the exits.

Our Pledge Song

If We Were A Rich Church