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OWL is a comprehensive, age-appropriate sexuality education curriculum designed to help children and youth make healthy and responsible decisions. Parents must attend a mandatory orientation session in which the goals, values and subject material of the program are explained. Volunteer teachers undertake a 15+ hour training program, and they volunteer their time, energy and enthusiasm to lead this liberal and comprehensive program.

OWL programs are offered at various times for different age groups and geared towards questions and concerns of that age:

Grade 4-6
Grades 7-9
Grades 10-12

The OWL curriculum covers human development, relationships, personal skills, sexual behavior, sexual health and society and culture. Children and youth receive accurate facts about anatomy, and explore how sexuality relates to their values. They also learn how to build their interpersonal skills, and gain understanding of the spiritual and emotional aspects of sexuality.

The curriculum values and promotes self-worth, sexual health, responsibility, and inclusivity. Programs address healthy sexual relationships, gender and sexual orientation, equality, sexual harassment, sexualization and media awareness.

For further information, please email Kiersten Moore , Director of Religious Education or phone 604.261.7204, extension 226.
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Our parents speak

“The Our Whole Lives (OWL) program is exactly what our children need. The youngest is curious about the differences between boys and girls and the oldest is a young teenager with lots of questions about sexuality and relationships. OWL gives so much more than the sex education they get in school and we are very grateful it is offered at this church. Thank you!”