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Our Parents Speak


What they have to say..

“It’s a great pleasure to see our children growing up with a keen sense of social justice and compassion, as well as a natural curiosity about different cultures and religions. The UCV Children’s Education program has helped to nurture those values.”

“You know that the YRE  must be doing something right when your 15-year-old still wants to go to the church in the evening after a long busy day that started at 6:30 am with jazz band, and continued with drama and drum lessons after school.”

“We are really pleased with the mentoring program for our teenagers. They are building important relationships with two great mentors who are helping them grow into responsible, thoughtful young adults.”

“The Our Whole Lives (OWL) program is exactly what our children need. The youngest is curious about the differences between boys and girls and the oldest is a young teenager with lots of questions about sexuality and relationships. OWL gives so much more than the sex education they get in school and we are very grateful it is offered at this church. Thank you!”

“The church school exposes my children to a wide variety of ideas about, and an understanding of, the breadth of religious experience. They learn a genuine tolerance for other points of view, to find their own path, and how to live an ethical life. They are becoming fine human beings.”