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UCV Unsung Heroes


Each year the UCV Board of Trustees invites members of the congregation to nominate two members for the Unsung Hero Award. Nominees are individuals who have contributed significantly over a number of years to the life of the congregation but without fanfare. This gives us the chance to thank them. The board selects the recipients from among the nominees and presents the award on the last Sunday of the church year in June.

Unsung hero award recipients

1985  Mavis Jemilita & Bill Harvey 1998 Jean Barber-Grant, Karen Bartlett, Nancy Lagey, Bill Kiborn, Bill Mountain
1986  Julian Fears & Joyce Griffiths 1999 Franci Louann & Julian Fears
1987 Ken & Kay Turner 2000 Marilyn Flitton & Evelyn Riley
1988 Al Warner & Gwen Dowding 2001 Ida Gibbard & Don Slade
1989 Fred Poole & Ingegaard Aaloe 2002-2007 No awards given
1990 Don Capon, George Andrews, Margaret Donald & Mark Brunke 2008 Kelly Kent & Art Hughes
1991 Louise Nikolaieff & Lloyd Morrill 2009 Diana Ellis & Greg Grant
1992 No awards given 2010 Dianne Crosbie & Bas Robinson
1993 Barbara Beach & Tom Reiner 2011  Vi Pilar & John Smith
1994 Alice Frith, Joan &
Noel Armstrong, Cicely Joynson, Margaret Jenkinson
2012  Hans & Margo Elfert
1995 Bettina Ptolemy & Mack Roe 2013 Denise Swanson
1996  Margaret Ennenberg, Joyce Griffiths, John Voth 2014  John Omielan & Velia Laval
1997 Gerry Hayle & Rainer Borkenhagen 2015 George Atherton & Julia Myers

Nominations for the 2013 Unsung hero/heroine awards

Please download the application form.

Nomination Form - Unsung Hero