For Newcomers

Every Sunday morning there are greeters in the foyer of the sanctuary and a welcoming table at the entrance to Hewett Hall. They have written information about upcoming events and lots of answers to your questions.

Coffee (and tea and water) are served in the Hall before the service. This is a good time to look around and meet a few people. There’s also coffee and often lunch for donation after the service. The folks at the welcome table can help you get connected if there are particular interests you’d like to explore.

View the  “Why I Come to UCV” video on YouTube.

A Sense of Coming Home

“I feel as if I’ve come home.”

“Where have you been all my life?”

“I think I must’ve always been a Unitarian.”

Newcomers often tell us these things after walking through our doors and attending a few services and events. At the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, people find a community, a spiritual home, a place of support and caring, as well as plenty of intellectual and spiritual stimulation and challenge.

What makes this happen?

  • Discovering shared ethical values.
  • Working and playing together to build and keep community.
  • Giving and receiving support.
  • Taking action on social justice issues.
  • Exploring our own and others’ thoughts on matters of the spirit, heart, and mind.

We offer a Newcomers Orientation (New U) twice a year. Contact Dianne if you’d like to receive information about the next session.