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Sunday Support Services


A network of services underlies the flow of Sunday mornings. There are opportunities for newcomers and long-term members to become acquainted with one another through volunteering in one of the areas here. As a volunteer, you are provided with orientation, training, and support in the area you select.

Worship Services Committee

The Worship Services Committee goal is to enhance the experience of worship and strengthen the church community. We are responsible for serving as a resource to the minister in planning service format and content, and for finding suitable persons to officiate at services in the absence of the minister once a month from September through June and throughout the summer. A liaison person from the committee works with every guest or lay service leader from start to finish.

The committee meets the first Wednesday of every month, holds an annual input planning session with UCV members, and develops a yearly worship services plan. With the minister, we try to ensure that the Sunday worship program offers coherent and thematically connected services throughout the year, representing the many intellectual and spiritual beliefs found in our Unitarian faith. We are committed to encouraging UCV members to develop and deliver services, and to ensuring all lay- and guest-led services meet the quality expected at UCV.

Sunday Greeters

Greeting visitors is one of the essential volunteer tasks in the church and it is also one of the most rewarding. Sunday Greeters welcome visitors and serve as ushers for worship services. They provide folders of information and orders of service to visitors and church-goers, and oversee the collection. Greeters also maintain pew supplies, manage the Book of Celebrations and Concerns and prepare information folders for visitors. Four or five members are asked to commit to greeting on one of the five Sundays each month, and if they need to be away are able to draw upon someone from the spares list. Contact Margo Elfert or Denise Nereida if you can help keep the roster filled.

Flower Arranging

This group arranges flowers for Sunday services and also supplies Christmas greenery in the sanctuary. We are looking for both permanent and relief arrangers. We would also like to know of gardeners willing to donate flowers. Contact Chris Pearce.

Welcome and Information Table

Designated members are available following each church service to welcome those who are new to the church and those who would like information on church activities and the wider denomination. The members providing this service are easily recognizable by their yellow name tags. Contact Dianne Crosbie.


Members have the critical task of managing the sound system for the Sunday service as well as recording the sermon.

Beverage Servers

Volunteer servers work in teams of two or three to do setup or serve coffee, tea, and juice on Sunday mornings in Hewett Centre after the worship service. For more information or to volunteer, phone Velia Leval, at 604-737-1815.

Library Services & Literature Stall

The knowledge of our congregation is enhanced by the excellent collection of books available for borrowing from the library in Hewett Centre, and taped and printed sermons and new Unitarian books for sale at the Literature Stall. Dedicated volunteers who serve one Sunday a month maintain these collections. Volunteers are welcome. Ask the Sunday librarian for information about the committee, or contact the committee chair, Aphrodite Harris.


The Forum provides an opportunity for the exchange of ideas and opinions on issues relevant to Unitarians, led by invited speakers. It is held from 12:30 to 1:30 in the Fireside Room in Hewett Centre. Check the Bulletin, the order of service, or this website for details on the topics and speakers. For more information, contact Mary Bennett, Forum coordinator.