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Time & Talent Auction


How the Auction Works

The concept is simple. Donate a service like making a meal, offer gardening with zeal, give a lesson on skis, teach how to make cheese, or anything else to please. Or, donate an item of value like home-baked cookies or a sweater. Come to Hewett Centre on auction night where there will be great company, a silent auction and a live auction with a very charming and talented auctioneer.

There will also be child care, a no host bar, live music, and many of your friends.

Afterwards you enjoy the services and items that you won at the auction to benefit from the time and talents of others. We will do our best to do your bidding.

Our Previous Two Auctions

Our most recent auction was a silent auction held on three Sundays in 2014 – February 23, March 2 and March 9 from noon to 2:00 pm. It was a silent auction during which there was fine music by local musicians, a sumptuous lunch and child care on each of the Sundays. About $14,000 was raised for the church.

The auction before the above one was held on Saturday, March 9, 2013. There was a light supper, no host bar, child care, and music by the Chalice Choir and by Jane Slemon and Bob Ennenberg. We had a good social time and raised about $15,000 for the church.

The offers of Time and Talent made by individuals and the fellowship and enjoyment they spawn is enjoyed throughout the year.Time&Talent_Auction_logo

We are searching for a new coordinator for the auction. If anyone is interested please contact the church president by calling the church office 604-261-7204. A number of volunteers from previous auctions are willing to help.

Mamorek Svcs Auction

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Svcs Auction