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Community Building


Membership Committee

Attracting and taking care of members
The Membership Committee has two main purposes:

  • To attract and welcome newcomers to the church and help them  integrate into the life of the church
  • To foster among members a strong sense of ownership of UCV by using the interests and skills of individuals and groups and acknowledging and celebrating their accomplishments.

The work of the Membership Committee is carried out by several small sub-groups responsible for:

  • Attracting and welcoming visitors and newcomers
  • Planning and conducting new U orientation
  • Integrating/retaining members
  • Membership records management

Committee members appreciate hearing from congregation members who have suggestions and comments that may help new members to become more involved in the life of the UCV community.

New U Sub-Committee
The New U sub-committee presents New U-In-A-Day sessions, usually twice a year, on a Saturday from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm. The sessions are intended for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn more about Unitarianism Universalism in general and the Unitarian Church of Vancouver in particular
  • Anyone who is interested in becoming a member of our congregation

The sessions include:

  • Unitarian history and theology
  • The story of our own church
  • A tour of the buildings and grounds

It’s a great time to get to know other newcomers and some current church members and to explore your own beliefs and spiritual journey.

Attendees of New U-In-A-Day will be invited to join the congregation by signing the Membership Book during an informational breakfast meeting held 2 or 3 weeks later. Contact Dianne Crosbie.

Engage & Connect Sub-Committee
The Engage and Connect sub-committee helps new members find the right places to get involved in the congregation. The sub-committee:

  • Provides resources and ongoing support for those wishing to be connected to programs or committees
  • Responds to email and phone inquiries from new members
  • Maintains a list of members who have joined in the past five years and sends occasional messages inviting engagement
  • Provides introductions among new members and the individuals and groups that can help them get connected with particular opportunities
Personal Message From The Chair

Membership Committee (cont’d)

Membership Records Sub-Committee
If you have skills and interest in managing data, you’d be welcome to work with this small group that helps to keep our membership records current. Some church programs and expenses are directly related to our official membership numbers, so keeping good records helps to ensure that we are able to meet member needs as well as contain our overall expenses. Contact Patience Towler.

Chinese language inclusion
Chinese characters1A
In 2012, in an effort to reach out to Metro Vancouver Chinese-speaking residents and visitors who share Unitarian Universalist values and are seeking a supportive community of shared values, the Unitarian Church of Vancouver (UCV) adopted the Chinese name  Chinese characters2A(pronounced Xun dao hui), a translation meaning Seekers of the Way, which we believe is an accurate description of our worldview.

Although UCV worship services are currently delivered in English only, with the help of a team of interpreters from different parts of the world, we have prepared a Chinese-language brochure (in both simplified and traditional scripts) that describes Unitarian principles and sources, and provides links to Unitarian Universalist materials available in Chinese elsewhere in the world.