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Caring for Ourselves & the Wider Community


We care for ourselves through the UCV Services committee, which includes everyone in our community, and responds to members in times of need, and through our lay chaplains who care for the wider community by being available to perform rites of passage.

UCV Services Committee

Caring for the Congregation
The vision for this committee is to provide, as needed or requested, many different services: caring services in times of need, and celebratory services in times of joy. There is a variety of ways in which we can be in touch with each other, and be of service to one another. All members and adherents of UCV are members of this committee.

We wish to connect all of us in celebration and concern; we do so mainly through a telephone tree. Currently, two people are responsible for organizing the tree, with 15 to 20 people in charge of all the postal code areas in which our congregation lives.

We provide assistance at receptions following memorial services for UCV members. This is a gift from the congregation to its members at a time when support from the church is most needed.

Contact Diane Donaldson, 604.224.0933 or email, or Kathryn Aberle, 604.228.4561 or email for celebration and concern. Contact the church office, 604.261.7204 or email for memorial services.

For detailed information about the current postal code leaders and for volunteer opportunities click here

Lay Chaplaincy Committee

Caring for the Wider Community
The UCV Lay Chaplaincy committee provides oversight and support to lay chaplains. The committee meets monthly to administer the program, plan, problem-solve, and provide support to lay chaplains. The committee also evaluates the work of the lay chaplains, finds and orients new committee members as well as lay chaplains, publishes pamphlets describing the available services, advertises the services, and hosts lay chaplaincy training.

Committee members are appointed by the UCV Board.

Contact Mary Murray or Marilyn McVicar.
meet our lay chaplains