949 West 49th Ave
Vancouver, BC V5Z 2T1
(604) 261-7204

Campus Features


Memorial Walls

Memorial walls have been dedicated in the gardens on either side of the sanctuary. A highlighted Soulcatcher logo and memorial plaques for previously deceased (and loved) members are mounted on each wall.

Memorial garden sign2

A register of deceased members for whom plaques have been mounted or whose ashes have been spread on the grounds is maintained in the sanctuary.

Memorial garden 3

The memorial advisory committee is available to answer questions about future plaques and how to arrange the installation of plaques on behalf of deceased congregants. The minister and lay chaplains are available to create celebrations or memorial services for recently deceased members. Contact the office for more information at 604.261.7204 or Click here to email us!

Memorial garden 1


Labyrinth Walking
Since 1995 a small group of Unitarians have regularly created a temporary labyrinth on the East side (near Fremlin Street) of the property, led workshops and an occasional worship service about labyrinth walking as a meditation practice.

Temporary ephemeral labyrinth by Fremlin Street in 2011

In 2015 it was decided by the Buildings and Grounds committee and approved by the Board to install two permanent labyrinths.

A 3-circuit square labyrinth was installed in November 2015 in the courtyard from paving stones, leaving the maple trees and sculpture in the centre (picture below).

3-circuit square labyrinth in interior garden

A double-processional labyrinth is being created on the Fremlin Street side by planting crocuses in this pattern (see diagram below).

Design of a double processional labyrinth