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Coming Out Ceremony


What is a Coming Out Ceremony?

A Coming Out Ceremony is a spiritual celebration to honour lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and queer people.

It’s an opportunity for all of us to celebrate the fact that “Gay is Good”!

For a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, or Queer person (LGBTQ), the process of recognizing who you are — or Coming Out — is often THE most significant period in your life.

With this ceremony, those close to you can support and love you as you become a whole person by recognizing and celebrating who you are.

Importance of Ceremony

Rituals are created to mark transitions, such as beginnings, endings, cycles, mergings, and healings.  Coming Out touches on all of these.

The Unitarian Church of Vancouver is now including Coming Out among our time honoured ceremonies of Child Blessing, Coming of Age, Weddings, Croning/Saging and Memorials

Creating the Ceremony

We have styled this ceremony on time-honoured traditions.  We have created a ritual with many diverse, moving, and illuminating options to create the mood and ambiance that reflects you and your journey.  An experienced lay chaplain (or if you are a member of this church, the minister) will meet with you ahead of time to help you explore your journey and what you hope to achieve,  They will ensure the experience is illuminating, freeing and transformative.   As Unitarians, we are experts at working with diverse traditions and beliefs, and always welcome creative input that expresses the uniqueness each of us brings to the world.

Together, you will create a celebration that:

  • Leaves you feeling strong, loved, included and free;
  • Helps you cope with the challenges your life may offer, celebrate the joys it brings, and frees your mind to be present for the day-to-day experiences;
  • Provides you a venue to ritualistically shed your negative associations with being a sexuality or gender minority;
  • Reduces the stigma around being queer in the larger community by making the coming out   process more evident;
  • Provides an outlet for friends and family to express their joy and support for your life journey;
  • Publicizes positive role-modelling to other LGBTQ people who are still in the closet

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