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The Unitarian Community supports every individual’s personal search for truth and meaning. We believe that all people with or without a faith community should have the opportunity to mark and celebrate important moments in their lives in a way that reflects their values and spiritual beliefs.

Our Lay Chaplains will co-create with you ceremonies for occasions of significance to you: weddings, renewals of vows, child dedications, coming of age ceremonies, coming out ceremonies, house blessings, retirements, memorials and graveside services, and many others. The service you craft together will embrace and express your personal beliefs and values. We proudly offer services for interfaith clients and the LGBT community.

Our Lay Chaplains are specially trained to provide these ceremonies. They are registered with the Province of British Columbia to perform legal marriages.

The services can take place here at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver, at home or in publics halls or gardens—any place that affords quiet and privacy you desire

Contact Us

For further information regarding booking a unique and transformative wedding or other ceremony, please call the church office at 604.261.7204.

The LGBT Community

The Unitarian Church of Vancouver embraces and supports the concerns of bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgender persons at every level of congregational life.

Our Lay Chaplains welcome the opportunity to perform weddings for the LGBT community now that they are legal in British Columbia. For many decades previously we performed Ceremonies of Union for same-sex couples

Mark Your Life Passages

  • child naming and dedication
  • wedding
  • memorial and graveside service
  • coming of age
    • first moon
    • entering manhood
    • croning
    • saging
  • renewal of vows
  • house blessing
  • ceremony of gratitude
  • retirement
  • blessing for new projects or directions
  • coming out
  • gender transition
  • grieving the loss of a pet
  • others? tell us what you’d like and we’ll create it with you