Our beautiful campus with courtyard and gardens and heritage buildings is available for rental for concerts, meetings, choir performances and rehearsals, meditation and wellness retreats and more. Spaces vary from 250 seats to small intimate spaces appropriate for a group of 6-10. There is ample parking, free wifi, natural light in a location close to both Vancouver Centre and Richmond. Public transit stops right near. Your guests will feel welcomed as soon as they set foot on the grounds.


The Sanctuary is a light-filled room which holds up to 250 people on two levels. It is popular for concerts and lectures. It is also a beautiful space for weddings, memorial services, and other rites of passage.

The large stage at the front of the room is ideal for recitals, choirs, chamber groups and plays.

A grand piano is located on the stage and an organ is in the balcony.

The space is equipped with state of the art microphones, operated by a sound booth in the balcony. (Sound can also be sent to an overflow crowd at Hewett Centre.) Throughout the year, the walls of the sanctuary are hung with monthly rotating art exhibits.



Family Room

The Wedding/Family Room is in our Administration Building, a short walk to the Sanctuary.

It is furnished to enable a wedding party to make last minute preparations.

It can also be used as a “Green Room” for performers or a space for organizers to convene privately during a large event.

There is natural light and a door that opens directly onto the courtyard. Partitions can be closed between the room and the rest of the administration offices.

It’s also suitable for small meetings. It contains a large full-length mirror, two-seater sofa, chairs, lamps, coffee table, and meeting table with chairs. There are two washrooms and a kitchenette adjacent to this room.

Size: 16′ × 12′ (4.9 × 3.7m)

Hewett Centre

Hewett Centre features a large hall, a well-equipped, modern kitchen and the comfortable and cosy Fireside Room, as well as meeting rooms to accommodate groups of various sizes.

Main Hall


The Main Hall in Hewett Centre, flanked by an alcove and the kitchen, can easily accommodate 100 people. French doors allow light and access to the garden area.

This hall is used to host wedding (and other) receptions, large meetings, cabarets, potluck dinners, auctions, and a variety of family and community parties and celebrations.

A pull-down screen, sound system for CDs, DVDs or to hook into a computer or smart phone is available.

It opens out on to the courtyard where your group can have easy access directly through the alcove.

Size: 31′ × 33′ (9.4m × 10.1m)
Size of adjoining alcove 18′ × 18′ (5.5m × 5.5m).





The Kitchen is fully equipped with a stove, 2 ovens, microwave, large refrigerator, industrial dishwasher, coffee maker and dishes and cutlery for about 75.

It is between the Main Hall and the Fireside Room and can be directly accessed from both rooms.

There is a counter between the kitchen and Hall for easy service.

Sliding doors on the hall side can be closed to reduce noise from the kitchen.

On the Fireside room side there is a lockable door.




Fireside Room

The popular Fireside Room in Hewett Centre is often used for celebrations, services and meetings. It can accommodate up to 40 people for presentations, slide shows, workshops and receptions.

Newly upgraded lighting can be set to enhance a variety of moods. Our Art Committee ensures that this room has a rotating art exhibit on the walls. There is also an upright piano available free of charge.

A microphone/sound system is available.

Size: 29′ × 20′ (8.8m × 6.1m)



Board Room

This board-room style meeting room has a white board and a large table able to seat 12 people. It is a popular small meeting room. There is natural light. It is at the end of a hallway, a quiet, location.

Size: 15′ × 16′ (4.6m × 4.9m)








Meditation Room

The Meditation Room is a quiet, intimate space for small group or individual meetings.

It has padded benches on the two long walls. Four or six chairs can be added.

Size: 15′ × 14′ (4.6m × 4.3m)










Lindsey-Priestly - double meeting room with tables and chairs and a sliding partition that divides it into two smaller meeting spaces

Lindsey-Priestley is a double meeting room with tables and chairs. There is a sliding partition that can divide it into two smaller meeting spaces. It is is our most popular smaller meeting room.

There is also an upright piano available free of charge.

Size: 15′ × 30′ (4.6m × 9.1m)






Hitschmanova - cozy room, appropriate for small groups - comfortable conversation area - work table, upright piano and a TV for DVD viewing

Hitschmanova is a cozy room, appropriate for small groups. There is a comfortable conversation area as well as a work table.

There is also an upright piano and a TV for DVD viewing.

It has a direct entrance to the outside or can be accessed through going downstairs from Hewett Centre upper floor.

Size: 15′ × 30′ (4.6m × 9.1m)

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