Receive Our Chalice Basket and Contribute to Our Congregational Journal

An Invitation to Light the Chalice and … from Kiersten Moore, Director of Children and Youth Programs Every Sunday we close our worship with a benediction to Carry the Flame of Peace and Love until we meet again. You are invited to sign-up to light our Chalice one Sunday and receive the Chalice Basket in return. It contains a chalice, a journal, and books with meditations, readings, and Unitarian celebration ideas to carry the spirit of our church and principles through the week. All we ask is that you return the basket to church the following Sunday for the next person or family to receive! Every family and individual member is encouraged to receive the basket at least one Sunday during the year. The journal is meant to be a congregational conversation on each of our experiences or thoughts on being Unitarian through the week. Why receive the basket? Taking … Continued

Coffee (and tea and juice and water) Can You Help?

It’s a new year and it’s time to make sure we have coffee on Sundays! We’ve been without a coordinator for some time and there are serious gaps in the schedule. Many regulars have been pitching in—doing double or even triple duty. Catherine made a lovely pitch at the New Members Breakfast, recently saying she found the kitchen a friendly place where you can easily meet some other members while engaged in a useful but not all that demanding task. Of course it’s only “not all that demanding” if we have a full team of volunteers. Although none of our brand new members have signed up as yet, I as Chair of Connect & Engage” thought in the interests of receiving coffee, I could do a short-term coordination to get the system going again. (I do like having coffee available.) Of the desired four volunteers per Sunday (two to set up … Continued