Small Groups

Tis the Season to be Neighbourly–Connect with Unitarians Near You

New Neighbourhood Groups We’re (re-)initiating neighbourhood groups for Unitarians around Metro Vancouver. Probably each neighbourhood group will develop their own ideas about when, where, how and why to meet. How often do the groups meet? In terms of frequency, they might decide to meet monthly at a regular time, or, more likely, might decide to meet several times per year. It could be that one or more groups will exist primarily online as an email group that helps people to connect and arrange for get togethers on merely a spontaneous level. Larger gatherings would need someone/s to make decisions and issue the invitation each time there’s an event, of course. Over time, all those participating would likely take a turn at “hosting” an event. Hosting, however, doesn’t have to be a gathering in your home. It might be a meetup at a coffee shop, arranging a group to attend a … Continued