How Refugee Sponsorship Works at UCV

By Kaitlin Duck Sherwood, Leader of a Refugee Sponsorship group The Refugee Committee helps refugees in two different categories: Private Sponsorship, where the refugees are named and known (what I call the “let’s bring in grandma” category) and the Blended Visa Office Referral (BVOR) program, where you want to help somebody but you don’t care so much who. With the Private Sponsorship, the sponsors are legally responsible for 100% of the financial support for the first year; with BVOR, the sponsors are legally responsible for a portion (around 60%) of the financial support. With both Private and BVOR, the sponsorship group is responsible for 100% of the logistical and emotional support. While the Vancouver Unitarians Refugee Committee does all of the support for some of the refugee families, a very important role is to facilitate sponsorship for other sponsorship groups, such as my own group of private individuals. To sponsor a BVOR … Continued

Another New Refugee Family Is Arriving

Good news from the refugee committee. Tomorrow, (March 6, 2018) a new Eritrean refugee family of three is arriving from Nairobi via Frankfufurt. Some of us will be at the airport to welcome them. from Huguette, Refugee Committee.  

Stand Up to Racism

From Rev. Steven Epperson, Parish Minister Photo and story from the UUA President Stand Up to Racism Metro Vancouver Please join me at the anti-racism rally at City Hall this Saturday sponsored by Stand Up to Racism Metro Vancouver. The rally begins at 12:45 pm. (Facebook Event click here.) Thanks, Steven Some thought on “False Equivalence”  (Rev. Steven Epperson) Given what many of us have been reading/seeing in the media this past week regarding events in Charlottesville, Virginia , I wanted to share some thoughts. On Tuesday, August 15th, the sitting President of the United States said: “You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent.”   Subsequently, I’ve read the expression “false equivalence” to describe his remarks. When I hear the expression “false equivalence,” the first thing that comes to mind is messed up ways … Continued