Our Members

Tamiko Suzuki

Tamiko Suzuki is Outreach coordinator with the Environment Committee. She enjoys being part of a group of people with passion and energy to make a difference in the world. She found it was inspiring to see people setting up the Oak Street Farmers Market because they wanted local organic food while others organized or took part in marches because they supported causes such as fighting pipelines, mines, and climate change.  With her connections to young activists (both my kids are activists) she hopes to be a bridge between young and old environmentalists and raise awareness of what the UCV is doing to a greater audience. Outside of church, Tamiko works in Pathology at Children’s Hospital. She enjoys skiing, cycling, Zumba and International folk dance.

John Voth’s Art Show at Enigma Restaurant – Artist Statement

John Voth’s Exposed:  The Inner Beauty of Wood now on exhibit at Enigma Restaurant Around eight years old, in Northern Saskatchewan, came my earliest inspirations:  wind-carved snow sculptures were endlessly fascinating, and Jack Frost painted ever-changing scenes that kept building on our windows.  I had no concept of anything called “art.”  Spring brought further delights, and my imagination had a field day with the myriad forms leaves suggested.  Seasonal changes of clouds and northern lights completed the picture. When I was twelve, we moved from the northern hinterland to the “metropolis” of Lethbridge, Alberta.  I was blown away.  There I saw my first movie:  wow! World War II, work, and survival took over.  Then an exploration trip to Vancouver resulted in my marriage with Lesia:  we have celebrated our 67th anniversary.  By the mid-60s, after I finished my degree in Education, I finally had some time for artistic endeavours. One of … Continued

Keith Wilkinson

Keith joined our congregation in 1998 after a period of limited religious affiliations that never quite fit. He had an introverted spiritual inclination, a farm background that made him feel close to the earth, and an interdisciplinary academic background in educational psychology, anthropology and linguistics and lots of international travel that brought him into contact with various world religions. He adhered to Judaism for a while, but it didn’t accommodate his own childhood experience of the transcendent. UU was a much more comfortable fit. Much of Keith’s working life was committed to administration in post-secondary education, health care, justice and public safety. At UCV he joined the Worship Services Committee, and then the Board – first as Treasurer because no one else wanted the job, and eventually as President. These were the kinds of projects that suited his skills and interests. Subsequently he co-led worship services and provided volunteer support … Continued

Mary Bennett

Mary joined the congregation in 1991 after “just browsing” for two years and has been an active member ever since. She was the Executive Director of the Canadian Unitarian Council from 2000-2008. In 2017, she was given the award of lifetime member. You’ll find her gardening the labyrinth, at circle dance events as well as most Sunday mornings. She co-edits the UCV Events publication with Margo and helps with the website. Mary usually offers at least one worship service each year, sometimes including the annual Fire Communion in late December. She enjoys sacred circle dancing at the church and elsewhere. She’s a graduate of Louise Bunn’s Paganism 101 course and is dreaming up a circle dance cum pagan ritual for the coming year. Our Pagan Committee is not currently active. As chair of the Connect and Engage Membership subcommittee, she loves helping new members get connected with the community both … Continued

Leonie Armstrong

I’ve been a full member of this congregation since 2012. Among other things, I serve on the Worship Service Committee, the OWL (Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education) Committee, co-chaired the 2016-2017 Vision Task Force with Paul Prescod, and organized the congregation’s Young Adult Welcoming and Inclusion Project group. I’m trained as a THRRC (Truth, Healing and Reconciliation) facilitator, and in Spirit Play. Ever since I learned the word, my favourite question has been “why?” which made me both a difficult child and an inevitable Unitarian Universalist. As a UU, I’m a liberal Christian, a student of Trickster, in conversation with the Buddha, a disciple of the great Sir Terry (Pratchett), and endlessly fascinated by the intricacies of the external and internal worlds. As a human being, I’m a bisexual, genderfluid-female, Scots-German Canadian humanist storyteller and performer with ADHD. I’m an advocate for recognizing and celebrating plurality in faith, culture, ability, … Continued

Karl Perrin

I was born in 1945 in Detroit, Michigan. My mother was a devoted Unitarian.  As a self-educated farm girl, she loved the honesty and intellectual stimulation she found in our church. As a child, Sunday School was sometimes boring, sometimes fascinating. I remember curricula like “Jesus, the Carpenter’s Son” and “The Church Across the Street”, but my favourite was a class led by an engineer, where we each made an “electric whirli-gig”, which spun like crazy when you plugged it in. It was thrilling to learn science from people who loved science. When I moved from Detroit to Vancouver. Vancouver seemed like a whole city of Unitarians, compared to Detroit. I came to church once annually for the Thrift Sale. My 40’s were marred by major depression. I found that worship services were the one place where I could break down and cry, and that felt so good. Our minister’s passionate … Continued