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Library Books on Atheism

Library books related to atheism 8: In Defense of Atheism – The Case Against Christianity, Judaism, Islam by Michel Omfray 210:  Religion for Atheists by Alain de Botton 210: Godless Religion – Finding the Profound by Robert Bietkus 4: Spirit Matters by Michael Lerner 8: The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

Living Labyrinth Update August 2017

Our living labyrinth has been very thirsty in recent days. Without water for nearly a week, I found that the thing about plants growing long roots when you don’t water regularly really is true. I moved a few calendula seedlings and their root was very long, reaching (unsuccessfully) for a drink. Calendula There are calendula at all stages from full bloom (and seeds) down to tiny sprouts. The name calendula is related to the word calendar. Timed right for planting and without a really cold winter, we should have calendula blooms all year ’round. Feel free to pick flowers and put in salads or make a massage oil. The more the flowers are picked, the more they put out.   Hardy Perennials The cranesbill geranium are flourishing in this area. They’ve at least doubled since last year. As I was tending some areas that were crowded a few weeks ago, … Continued

Bryan Gick

Bryan Gick is a member of our congregation. Professor and Head of the UBC Linguistics Department, a Senior Scientist at Yale’s Haskins Laboratories, and a recently named Guggenheim Fellow.  Author of over 100 published articles and author/editor of several books, including The Oneida Creation Story, Gick’s research spans fields from neuroscience to philosophy, pediatrics to electrical engineering, with the goal of understanding how human bodies and brains create spoken communication. Degrees of Freedom Worship Service  

John Voth’s Art Show at Enigma Restaurant – Artist Statement

John Voth’s Exposed:  The Inner Beauty of Wood now on exhibit at Enigma Restaurant Around eight years old, in Northern Saskatchewan, came my earliest inspirations:  wind-carved snow sculptures were endlessly fascinating, and Jack Frost painted ever-changing scenes that kept building on our windows.  I had no concept of anything called “art.”  Spring brought further delights, and my imagination had a field day with the myriad forms leaves suggested.  Seasonal changes of clouds and northern lights completed the picture. When I was twelve, we moved from the northern hinterland to the “metropolis” of Lethbridge, Alberta.  I was blown away.  There I saw my first movie:  wow! World War II, work, and survival took over.  Then an exploration trip to Vancouver resulted in my marriage with Lesia:  we have celebrated our 67th anniversary.  By the mid-60s, after I finished my degree in Education, I finally had some time for artistic endeavours. One of … Continued

All Ages Activists Gathering #2

Summer potluck picnic! Building on the interest of the All Ages (Intergenerational) Activists Dinner held at the church in January, let’s share a bit of food and continue the discussion! This time we’ll meet outdoors at Trout Lake, sit on blankets, meet old and new friends, and talk about what direction we’d like these and future gatherings to take. Rumour is that there may be some musical entertainment too! Date: Saturday Aug 12, 2017 Time: 2 – 4:30 pm Where: Trout Lake at the south end. Look for the white tents. Bring food to share (you can pick something up at the Trout Lake Farmers market!), your own plates and cutlery, and chairs if you are not comfortable sitting on the ground. For more information or if you would like to help out, contact: Tamiko Suzuki If the weather looks iffy, check this website on the morning of the event.

Canadian UU National News – July 2017

CUC Vision Contest In 2016 the CUC approved a new statement of vision and aspirations. Now the CUC is sponsoring a sermon-writing contest and an art contest to highlight these new statements. There are three age categories for art submissions and prizes for winners in both sermon and art contests. Deadline for submissions: 1 Feb 2018. For more info contact . As Canadian Unitarian Universalists, we envision a future in which our interdependence calls us to love and justice.

Unsung Heroes – Amy (Megumi) Anderson and Chris Pearce

Unsung Hero Award 2017 Every year, in our service of the Living Tradition, we celebrate the shared ministry of our congregation, knowing that this is how we make our spiritual quest, our moral convictions and need for meaningful fellowship vibrantly real and concrete.  And so we rise, in turn, in acknowledgment and appreciation for the myriad ways in which we serve and bless one another.   Most years, we try to recognize persons who have contributed to our beloved community in special ways that tend to fall outside the limelight.  And we honour them by extending an Unsung Hero Award—we ask them to step into the limelight for a moment to receive our special thanks.

Civil Liberties + Potluck

Come and enjoy a hyggelei (cosy) potluck dinner with a few other Unitarian church members and friends at the home of Melody Mason (in Kitsilano) this coming Thursday, June 29th. RSVP to Space is limited. Learn more about hygge dinners. The evening will include a salon-style discussion about civil liberties. Melody is on the board of the BC Civil Liberties Association. She’s concerned about, among other things, collection and retention of data by governmental agencies, the state of our prison system and privacy issues especially as it relates to the internet. She’s interested in both sharing her own knowledge including BCCLA’s stance on these issues and also hearing from you about your take on these important issues and how UCV can engage with these issues. The BCCLA’s policy director, Michael Vonn, has spoken at UCV Forums including the assisted dying issue. BCCLA’s current priorities are working on solitary confinement, … Continued

Summertime and Children’s Program

June 25 is the last day for the planned Children’s program until September 17.   Note: child care continues over summer. Some small group activities may be planned by parents and RE teachers.