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Woven Together – Registration Form

Signup for Woven Together here: Woven Together Registration The children’s Religious Exploration Team at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver is preparing to lead “Woven Together”, the Canadian Unitarian Council’s Upper Elementary 8 Session Truth, Healing and Reconciliation Reflection Guide. This guide is designed to be used for children in Grades 4-6/ages 9-12 and uses resources that provide age-appropriate Indigenous ways of knowing. The dates of the Truth and Healing series are: October 1, 15, and 22 November 5, 19, and 26 December 3 (at 9:30 am), and 10. Because of the complexity of this work it is important that all participants make a commitment to attending the series as each session builds upon the previous ones. Unforeseen events arise, but we should begin together with the goal to see it all the way through. The series will be held by trained facilitators during our regular 11 am Sunday services and … Continued

Jannika Nyberg

Jannika Nyberg is a community builder with a passion for citizenship education. An experiential educator with deep roots in outdoor education and democratic pedagogy, Jannika roots her practice in inclusion.  The heart of Jannika’s philosophy of education is, in fact, the heart of the learner. When we educate the heart, we are simultaneously enriching the relationships and communities of the learner and thereby cocreating a more caring society. Thrilled to be one of the Truth, Healing and Reconciliation Reflection Guide facilitators, Jannika was drawn to this program both personally and professionally. Her academic studies focused on de-colonizing Canadian history, reconciliation in education and treaty rights. Personally, Jannika has worked with urban Indigenous students, loving the opportunity to facilitate space for young Indigenous leaders to discover their own agency. So the opportunity to facilitate THRRG in this wonderful community was met with immediate enthusiasm. 

All we are saying… is give dance a chance

Come Dance with Brigitte Evering on Friday, September 15, 2017  (click above to register – it would be very much appreciated) I will tell you a story about Brigitte that illustrates her strong, long-standing commitment to dance.  Some time ago, she decided they needed to sell their house because there wasn’t enough room to dance there.  She and her partner, Geoffrey Honey, often hosted dances, and more frequently they danced themselves.  Sometimes they danced so they could fully integrate new dances learned at a workshop.  Sometimes they danced to figure out a new choreography they were working on.  Always they danced for the joy of it.  Often their two children joined in as well. Geoffrey and the children didn’t want to sell the house which was close to the shores of Lake Ontario.  They loved it there.  As a family they always practised making decisions by consensus so many discussions … Continued

Kinder Morgan, We Still Say NO!

  Today members of the UCV Social Justice Committee and Environment Team took part in a rally to let Kinder Morgan  know that we are STILL against  bringing tar sands to the West Coast.  While we were happy to see the rains return to our parched city, we were equally happy that it held off for today’s event. The march started at the Vancouver Art Gallery then continued up Georgia, Burrard, and then Thurlow ending up at Sunset Beach. We walked with folks from the North Shore Unitarian Church, a big group of UBC C350 (divest) students, and many people carrying  beautiful artwork of marine animals or pushing large sculptures of pipelines. Creativity rules at rallies! We even boogied (ok, maybe just nodded our heads) to the chants, raps and music from a band of musicians! At Sunset beach there were First Nations activists, elders and others who spoke of … Continued

Good day at All Ages Activist picnic

The second All Ages Activists’ gathering  was held Aug 12 at Trout Lake Park. This event was deliberately kept low key because so many of the young participants said they wanted to go but were out of town or working. Luckily the weather was warm and sunny and more than 20 people managed to find our tent and picnic blankets despite the vague directions!    Cecilia Point, Musqueam activist, gave a stirring song of welcome and an inspiring speech about responsibilities and action. Sarah Mitchell, a student from McGill,  talked of how she and fellow student, Alison Gu, had just finished cycling across the country  to protest the Kinder Morgan pipeline. It was so inspiring to hear her passion and commitment to the cause!

Advance Theatre : New Works by Diverse Women

An invitation from member Diane Brown, Artistic Director of Ruby Slippers Theatre I invite you to attend Advance Theatre : New Works by Diverse Women this fall at The Fringe. Jumping Ship – Monday, September 11 Written by Marcia Johnson, directed by Marisa Emma Smith The year is 1904. Scottish sailor, Jamey Dunbar, meets young entrepreneur, Audrey Williams on a beach in Jamaica. Their lives change forever. This is a love story inspired by the playwright’s great-grandparents. Go, No, Go – Tuesday, September 12 Written by Natalie Frijia, directed by Leanna Brodie Go, No, Go is the story of 13 barrier-breaking pilots who in 1961 petitioned NASA to become the first female astronauts. And it’s about why you don’t know their names. Welcome to the space race. Hidden Memories – Wednesday, September 13 Written by Lillian Nakamura Maguire, directed by Donna Yamamoto The daughter of Japanese immigrants sifts through her … Continued

Seeking Innovative SpiritJam Teachers

UCV Job Opportunity SpiritJam Lead Teacher Part-time Teacher (4 hours per week); $17.00/hr. plus 20 additional paid flex hours; 10 mos./year; Reports to the Director of Religious Exploration; Start date:September 1, 2017 or as soon after as possible.

Truth, Healing, and Reconciliation with our Children

As Unitarian Universalists we affirm and promote the inherent worth and dignity of each person and we recognize that when it comes to the Original People on this land, this principle has not been upheld. A group of Vancouver Unitarians is currently engaged with training as facilitators to guide our children in becoming familiar with the work of reconciliation and how we can go forward upholding our principles. We will be using the completed guide for Upper Elementary students, and we are honoured to be piloting the guide for our primary students here at UCV this fall. Please contact Kiersten for more information regarding the planned work with our children this fall. Visit the CUC’s Facebook page for more information about the development of this project.

CUC National & International News – Sep 2017

Feedback to CUC requested from member congregations The CUC Board is seeking thoughts from members across the country on three main subjects for further discussion this fall. The three subjects are as follows: a) CUC vision implementation suggestions Vision – “Our interdependence calls us to love and justice.” Suggestions: Can we do better at fostering interdependence amongst non-Unitarian organizations or other faith communities that share some of our values (e.g. groups focussing on climate action, environmental protection, civil liberties, affordable housing, global peace, animal rights, democratic practices…) b) consideration of revising the CUC Sources statement similar to what UUA did and perhaps changing the Principles statements as well. Sources – In Source #2, should we replace “women and men” with “people”? Principles – In Principle #1 should we replace “person” with “being”? What do we think of the proposal to add an eighth principle opposing white supremacy? c) identification of … Continued

Stand Up to Racism

From Rev. Steven Epperson, Parish Minister Photo and story from the UUA President Stand Up to Racism Metro Vancouver Please join me at the anti-racism rally at City Hall this Saturday sponsored by Stand Up to Racism Metro Vancouver. The rally begins at 12:45 pm. (Facebook Event click here.) Thanks, Steven Some thought on “False Equivalence”  (Rev. Steven Epperson) Given what many of us have been reading/seeing in the media this past week regarding events in Charlottesville, Virginia , I wanted to share some thoughts. On Tuesday, August 15th, the sitting President of the United States said: “You had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent.”   Subsequently, I’ve read the expression “false equivalence” to describe his remarks. When I hear the expression “false equivalence,” the first thing that comes to mind is messed up ways … Continued