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Facilitate a Sermon Discussion

The Connect & Engage Committee is looking for volunteers to facilitate informal conversation among newcomers (and regulars). The topic is the Sunday sermon. Our weekly Sermon Discussions are from 12:15 to approximately 1 pm.  This only requires that you sign up for one session per year.  If you’d like to join the team, contact Sheila for further info. You can choose a date at the Volunteer Signup page.

Kids Will Take Over UCV

Kids Takeover Arts Festival Coming to UCV Inspired by Kids Takeover UBC (who in turn were inspired by Britain’s Arts and Culture Kids Takeover), I am starting an initiative (with Arts Committee support) to plan an Arts Festival for next fall or the following spring (depending on interest and offers from other UCVers). There’s a great start for a committee: Liam and Noella two of our coming-of-agers have joined up. Looking for a young adult and a parent/guardian of one or more babies (to represent their babies). Mary Bennett, instigator and co-conspirator Contact me if you have ideas or would like to join the team planning this event. I’ll pass ideas along to our team. You’re probably wondering whether “takeover” is one word or two: The answer is both.  Takeover is a noun; take over is the verb. Are you a kid? What would you like to take over at UCV? … Continued

$8300 raised to support Wild Salmon – Let’s keep going!

Raising awareness as well as funds On Friday, February 16, at the Wild Salmon Info and Fundraiser, $8300 was raised to support wild salmon. Also raised were : awareness, inspiration, hope, knowlege and commitment – to do more. Here are some of the photos of the evening and bios of the speakers and musicians. Thank you to all. Our wonderful organizer and emcee for the evening Tamiko Suzuki.  Musician Bios: Barry Truter is a musician and songwriter who enjoys connecting with audiences through songs celebrating the intimacy and diversity of human experience. He is a longtime member of the Vancouver Folk Song Society, and of the folk group “Fraser Union” with whom he has performed at many BC festivals and conferences, and countless benefits, coffeehouses and activist events over the years. Barry believes in the power of music to unite and engage. He is a co-founder of the Georgia Strait Guitar Workshop and teaches guitar … Continued

Connect with Unitarians Near You

New Neighbourhood Groups We’re (re-)initiating neighbourhood groups for Unitarians around Metro Vancouver. Each neighbourhood group will develop their own ideas about when, where, how and why to meet. How often do the groups meet? In terms of frequency, they might decide to meet monthly at a regular time, or, more likely, might decide to meet several times per year. It could be that one or more groups will exist primarily online as an email group that helps people to connect and arrange for get togethers on merely a spontaneous level. Larger gatherings would need someone/s to make decisions and issue the invitation each time there’s an event, of course. Over time, all those participating would likely take a turn at “hosting” an event. Hosting, however, doesn’t have to be a gathering in your home. It might be a meetup at a coffee shop, arranging a group to attend a film … Continued

Snowdrops, Crocuses … and more in our Living Labyrinth

The snowdrops are up in our living labyrinth. The crocuses can’t be far behind. Photo from March, 2017. Thanks to new labyrinth volunteer, Vera Wojna, for tidying up the labyrinth for spring. Several bags and bins full of dried leaves have headed to the compost. Photo: Gail Stephan    More about our two labyrinths, click here. Watch for news about World Labyrinth Day at UCV. Attend our monthly program GLAD: Gathering for Labyrinth, Art & Dance Third Thursday 11am – 1 pm Check Event listings for theme and details. RSVP and questions – contact the team by email.          

Canadian Unitarian Upcoming Events

International 11-15 Feb 2018: ICUU – Kathmandu, Nepal Metro Vancouver 7 Apr 2018: BC Metro Vancouver 4 Congregations Regional gathering at UCV – Rooms to be booked  National 18 May 2018: CUC Annual General Meeting online via zoom – Room to be booked at UCV 19-20 May 2018: CUC Bi-annual Conference, Hamilton, ON General info about conferences 2018 Conference website forthcoming in Feb 2018

We’d Like to Get to Know You! Yes, We Would

New Sermon Discussion Opportunity — Let’s Talk! from the Connect & Engage Team, Sheila Resels, Chair  Email Sheila Have you wished there was a quiet(er) space to have a meaningful conversation about the service on Sundays? At the forum last week, the panel for Connect and Engage acknowledged that new people and visitors especially can feel overwhelmed by our busy (noisy, crowded) coffee and lunch hour. Indeed most people present (including me) reported that when they were new they found it hard to get connected. Those there of course persevered seeing that there was a lot worth persevering for. We do have some concern that others may just not try as hard as these stalwart folk. If you’re a regular, look around on a Sunday morning and you might see someone seemingly mesmerized by the bulletin board or lurking near the coat rack not sure how to get engaged.   Not … Continued

Would you commit to reducing your waste for just 30 days?

Zero Waste 30-Day Resolutions By Mary Bennett I recently watched this TED Talk by Matt Cutts suggesting we give up on New Year’s resolutions, and just try something new for 30 days. (It’s only three minutes!) He says 30 days is the right amount of time to create a new habit by adding or subtracting something from your life. Matt is a software engineer (with big credentials). If you’re curious about his 30-day goals, here’s his blog: and here’s his credentials: So for anyone who’s already broken or never made a New Year’s resolution this year, the Environment Committee’s Zero Waste Team would like to encourage you to give this 30-day commitment a try in the effort to reduce your use of single-use plastic. We all intend to bring our own bags and not use Styrofoam, take out cups or… well, you can fill in the blanks with … Continued

Ice-Age Cave Symbols in Poetry and Art

On Sunday, January 28, Mary Bennett and Keith Wilkinson will do an artists’ talk at 12:30 in the Fireside Room about the 32 geometric signs found in ice-age caves in Europe and how learning about this inspired their visual art (Mary) and poetry (Keith.)   The session will start promptly at 12:30 showing the TED Talk by Genevieve von Petzinger of the University of Victoria.   Each of them will talk about their own creative process, both the long term of how they began to create art and identify as artists as well as more recently how this particular project evolved. Recently they published their chapbook with two poems (haiku) and one mixed-media painting selected for each of the 32 geometric signs. This is the second booklet they’ve produced, the first being “Incubating Poetry” combining Mary’s paintings inspired by birds’ nests and Keith’s poetry. Books will be available for sale … Continued