Collage – A new small group: Come and cut and paste together

Come and enjoy choosing images and creating a collage This is an opportunity for creative play and self-exploration using collage. We work quietly at our own pace. Scissors, glue sticks, paper and images all available – but bring your own if you wish. Calendars are especially lovely. Any magazines you bring should be taken away or recycled, or have images and words clipped for others. (We have limited storage space). Please RSVP to Mary and Laurie. Supported by UCV’s Arts Committee. More about collage: Definition: collage (n.) form of abstract art in which photos, newspaper clippings, found objects, etc., are glued onto a surface, 1919 (Wyndham Lewis), from French collage “a pasting,” from Old French coller “to glue,” from Greek kolla “glue,” a word of uncertain origin, perhaps Pre-Greek. Some formats and approaches Various people have created particular styles and formats for collage. You may be interested in learning about these below. Vision Boards SoulCollage(R) is a method … Continued

Our Labyrinth in the News

Mary Bennett was interviewed by the Vancouver Courier in August, 2016 Meditative labyrinths come full circle in Vancouver Pat Johnson / Vancouver Courier AUGUST 30, 2016 11:54 AM There are two new labyrinths in town, thanks in part to Mary Bennett, who says that although walking a labyrinth can be a form of meditation, it’s also a process with a beginning, a middle and an end. Photograph By Dan Toulgoet From a distance, it can be weird to see people walking by themselves slowly in a circle. Up close, it can still look odd. But when you understand the intention of people pacing a labyrinth, it is charming and enticing. By definition, labyrinths can often be almost invisible. A new one at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver could be mistaken merely for a nice design in the paving stones of a courtyard. On the other hand, many are elaborate and … Continued