Mystery Pals Magic

May 6th dawned bright and warm. I felt a flutter of nervous excitement carrying armfuls of flowers to church, an unusual three block walk to get across the marathon using 49th street. This was the culmination of Vancouver Unitarians first experience with the UU Mystery … read more.

Mystery Pals – Make a New Friend at Church

Make a Friend at Church
create connections across generations!
The mystery only lasts a little while, but the friendship can be much longer.

Sign-up to be a Pal to someone older or younger than yourself—we would love to have everyone involved and will match any pair from different … read more.

Kids Will Take Over UCV

Kids Takeover Arts Festival Coming to UCV

Our first event will be June 24th.

Learn to play Phroagh Frog with CoA kids

Make an ATC (Artist Trading Card) of a chalice (and then trade).

Participate in a free-wheeling discussion about the kids takeover in various groups. Be a bee … read more.

Parents invited to Our Whole Lives Orientation

Our Whole Lives sexuality education for ages 9 and 10

The first workshop is this Sunday, January 14th, at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver.  We have six children registered. I invite any curious, interested, or concerned parents of a child nearing or beginning puberty to attend … read more.

Mini Adult OWL Workshop

Delicious. Intriguing. Satisfying.

This is Better than Chocolate!

(And it’s only for Adults.)

When was the last time you had a thoughtful and fun conversation about sexuality? Remember your high school sex education? Ugh! Society is highly sexualized today and yet people don’t REALLY understand sexuality and this … read more.

Unitarian Advent Calendar

Traditions and Events for December

One of the creators of the Spirit Play program created a Unitarian Advent Calendar. Could we add Canadian Unitairian significant dates and people?




Most of the graphics have historical events and figures from U.S. connections. I chose these two to put … read more.