Mystery Pals

Make a Friend at Church, create connections across generations! The mystery only lasts a little while, but the friendship can be much longer. Sign-up to be a Pal to someone older or younger than yourself—we would love to have everyone involved and will match any pair from different generations (roughly 20 years apart). To facilitate anonymity, each pair will be identified by a famous Unitarian with a corresponding “mailbox” envelope in the Hewett Centre Hall. Celebrate May 6th after the service with a Mystery Reveal Party. Who? Anyone age 4-104 is eligible to participate if you have regularly attended the Unitarian Church of Vancouver for six months or more, are known by someone in our church leadership (RE Director, Minister, Board, or committee leader), and can commit to the following: Deliver one of the following options to your mystery pal “mailbox” on Sundays, (you may send email through the DRE … Continued

Giving to Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS)

Outreach Opportunities Fund Recipient February – May 2018 Community Legal Assistance Society (CLAS) CLAS provides legal assistance to low-income people across British Columbia (BC).  They focus on legal issues in the areas of: housing security, income security, human rights, mental health rights, and workers’ rights.  They offer a wide variety of legal services, including: summary legal advice to outline client’s options and point them in the right direction, guidance to help clients represent themselves, and full representation. Assistance is provided to clients in the following areas. Housing evictions: if there has been an eviction and the tenant has lost a dispute resolution hearing at the Residential Tenancy Branch, if a home is being foreclosed upon, or if membership in a co-op is being terminated. Access to Government Benefits: if an appeal at the Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal or Social Security Tribunal has been lost over regular or disability benefits, supplements or other kind … Continued

Lynn Armstrong “I’m with kindred spirits with Unitarians”

Lynn has moved around a lot! Her first Unitarian home was with the Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship 1990-2000 where she had active involvement in various roles (not all at the same time): Newsletter Editor for many years, Chair of Membership Committee, Chair of Denominational Affairs Committee, Canvass Co-chair, Archivist, occasional RE teacher and four years on the Board with two years as President. When children graduated and flew the nest, Lynn moved to Victoria where she was an active member of the Victoria Church 2000-2002. Then a move to North Vancouver led to joining the North Shore Church 2002-2005 where she was Chair of Denominational Affairs. Lynn was often a delegate to PNWD and CUC meetings and was active in the BC Council serving as first Chair. She was a member of the CUC Nominating Committee 2000 to 2004 including a year as Chair. She was a member of the … Continued

Young Adults (age 18-35) Wanted

The upcoming Regional Gathering will include a panel called Intergenerational Solidarity: a Young Adult Panel. In the meantime, here are some ways for UU young adults (and sometimes others) to connect about the state of young adult ministry. Join a team at UCV! The following groups are actively seeking one (or more) young adult members: Connect & Engage Contact Sheila Kids Take Over UCV contact Mary for the Kids Takeover Team Note that Steven Epperson will be preaching on this topic as well. Intergenerational Solidarity and Us CUC Website Our congregation supported this year-long project Facebook Links Canadian Unitarian Council Youth and Young Adult Ministry page UU Young Adults in Vancouver Closed Group (You can ask to join) 90 members UU Young Adult Connections Closed Group (You can ask to join) A continental group only for those between 18 and 35 1300+members Description There are a lot … Continued

Facilitate a Sermon Discussion

The Connect & Engage Committee is looking for volunteers to facilitate informal conversation among newcomers (and regulars). The topic is the Sunday sermon. Our weekly Sermon Discussions are from 12:15 to approximately 1 pm.  This only requires that you sign up for one session per year.  If you’d like to join the team, contact Sheila for further info. You can choose a date at the Volunteer Signup page.

February Events at 49th & Oak

Happy Valentine’s Day – and here are the upcoming events for February. UCV Events Newsletter

We’d Like to Get to Know You! Yes, We Would

New Sermon Discussion Opportunity — Let’s Talk! from the Connect & Engage Team, Sheila Resels, Chair  Email Sheila Have you wished there was a quiet(er) space to have a meaningful conversation about the service on Sundays? At the forum last week, the panel for Connect and Engage acknowledged that new people and visitors especially can feel overwhelmed by our busy (noisy, crowded) coffee and lunch hour. Indeed most people present (including me) reported that when they were new they found it hard to get connected. Those there of course persevered seeing that there was a lot worth persevering for. We do have some concern that others may just not try as hard as these stalwart folk. If you’re a regular, look around on a Sunday morning and you might see someone seemingly mesmerized by the bulletin board or lurking near the coat rack not sure how to get engaged.   Not … Continued

CUC National & International News – Sep 2017

Feedback to CUC requested from member congregations The CUC Board is seeking thoughts from members across the country on three main subjects for further discussion this fall. The three subjects are as follows: a) CUC vision implementation suggestions Vision – “Our interdependence calls us to love and justice.” Suggestions: Can we do better at fostering interdependence amongst non-Unitarian organizations or other faith communities that share some of our values (e.g. groups focussing on climate action, environmental protection, civil liberties, affordable housing, global peace, animal rights, democratic practices…) b) consideration of revising the CUC Sources statement similar to what UUA did and perhaps changing the Principles statements as well. Sources – In Source #2, should we replace “women and men” with “people”? Principles – In Principle #1 should we replace “person” with “being”? What do we think of the proposal to add an eighth principle opposing white supremacy? c) identification of … Continued

Canadian UU National News – July 2017

CUC Vision Contest In 2016 the CUC approved a new statement of vision and aspirations. Now the CUC is sponsoring a sermon-writing contest and an art contest to highlight these new statements. There are three age categories for art submissions and prizes for winners in both sermon and art contests. Deadline for submissions: 1 Feb 2018. For more info contact . As Canadian Unitarian Universalists, we envision a future in which our interdependence calls us to love and justice.