Visual Arts

Tsunami-Damaged Kimono Fabric – Reimagined

Peace Building Event Love, Hope and New Life Remembering March 11, 2011 Seven Years after the Eastern Japan Great Earthquake /Tsunami 3 Related events: March 7-9 Click here for personal stories from Tama Copithorne and Judy Villett Wednesday March 7th, 7:30pm   Talks and Music Eriko Shiomi, Music & Art Producer, Japan Keiichi Hashizume, Music Educator & Clarinetist, Japan Julia Lin, Author – ”The extraordinary bonds between Taiwan and Japan” Dr. David Edgington, Professor Emeritus, UBC – “Building back in devastated communities” Dr. Eiichiro Ochiai, Professor Emeritus, Juniata College, Penn. – “Health problems related to the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident” Thursday March 8th, 10:00am-4:00pm Textile Art Workshop Eriko Shiomi & Judy Villett, Textile artist Friday March 9th, 7:30pm Music for Peace and Textile Art Display Japan: Keiichi Hashizume, Clarinetist Vancouver: Keiko Alexander, Pianist I Bo Peng,, Cellist I Winds Choir & Egret Choir Reception Sponsored by: Artistic Studio LaLaLa, Tokyo Egret Music Centre, Vancouver … Continued

March 7-9th Arts Event – How It All Began – by Tama and Judy

Canada-Taiwan-Japan Connections By Tama Copithorne Love, Hope and New Life is a three-day arts and music event at the Unitarian Church marking the 7th anniversary of a great natural catastrophe and human tragedy of March 11, 2011 in Eastern Honshu in Japan (The Fukushima area). Offering these events all started with the exhibition of our Vancouver based artist, Judy Villett’s exhibition, “Colours of Canada” in late December, 2017. I rushed to see Judy’s textile art exhibition in late December last year, a few days before the exhibition was to be closed. A fine example of Canadian social art! I called my good Taiwanese Canadian friends who are interested in music and art to see if they would like to go with me to see Judy’s exhibition. They knew nothing about it but they were delighted to join me at the exhibition at Place des Arts in Coquitlam. We all went … Continued

Collage – A new small group: Come and cut and paste together

Come and enjoy choosing images and creating a collage This is an opportunity for creative play and self-exploration using collage. We work quietly at our own pace. Scissors, glue sticks, paper and images all available – but bring your own if you wish. Calendars are especially lovely. Any magazines you bring should be taken away or recycled, or have images and words clipped for others. (We have limited storage space). Please RSVP to Mary and Laurie. Supported by UCV’s Arts Committee. More about collage: Definition: collage (n.) form of abstract art in which photos, newspaper clippings, found objects, etc., are glued onto a surface, 1919 (Wyndham Lewis), from French collage “a pasting,” from Old French coller “to glue,” from Greek kolla “glue,” a word of uncertain origin, perhaps Pre-Greek. Some formats and approaches Various people have created particular styles and formats for collage. You may be interested in learning about these below. Vision Boards SoulCollage(R) is a method … Continued

Ice-Age Cave Symbols in Poetry and Art

On Sunday, January 28, Mary Bennett and Keith Wilkinson will do an artists’ talk at 12:30 in the Fireside Room about the 32 geometric signs found in ice-age caves in Europe and how learning about this inspired their visual art (Mary) and poetry (Keith.)   The session will start promptly at 12:30 showing the TED Talk by Genevieve von Petzinger of the University of Victoria.   Each of them will talk about their own creative process, both the long term of how they began to create art and identify as artists as well as more recently how this particular project evolved. Recently they published their chapbook with two poems (haiku) and one mixed-media painting selected for each of the 32 geometric signs. This is the second booklet they’ve produced, the first being “Incubating Poetry” combining Mary’s paintings inspired by birds’ nests and Keith’s poetry. Books will be available for sale … Continued

Save the Wild Salmon – What Can We Do to Help?

by Tamiko Suzuki The Environment Team is proud to sponsor an evening of education and fundraising  where we will hear from Indigenous leaders working to remove open-net fish farms from their waters. Julia McIntyre-Smith and Chiefs Ernest Alfred and Willie Moon will speak of the relationship between the wild salmon, the environment and their Indigenous communities. Dr. David Suzuki will talk of the science linking fish farms to the decrease in wild stocks. This will be a powerful, moving evening and you will come away with new appreciation for the imperiled wild salmon and the Peoples whose cultures they are so entwined with. The talk will be held in the Sanctuary, followed by refreshments and a silent auction in Hewett Hall. There you  will also find tables set aside to brain storm ways to further help the wild salmon defenders. We will post here decisions made to carry on this initiative. … Continued

Canadian Colours Art Show with Judy Villett

On Wednesday, November 29th, Mary Bennett from UCV is organizing a guided tour with Judy Villett. To start, meet at Judy’s studio at 100 Braid Street at 1:00 pm. The tour will continue at Place Des Arts at 2:00 pm. The tour will conclude with refreshments at a local café. Please join us! Canadian Colours Textile Art Show Judy Villett, Unitarian Being born in Canada has always felt like a great blessing. I want to share my passion for this country through my textile art. I was 15 when the Union Jack flag was changed to the Maple Leaf. The clean, simple, graphic lines of the Canadian flag have become my framework forthe changing seasons, landscapes, politics and demographics of Canada. I use very basic piecing techniques with a complex design process, assembling commercially printed fabrics, often cutting them to 2” squares and placing them on a design wall where I can study the value, colour and line before … Continued

John Voth’s Art Show at Enigma Restaurant – Artist Statement

John Voth’s Exposed:  The Inner Beauty of Wood now on exhibit at Enigma Restaurant Around eight years old, in Northern Saskatchewan, came my earliest inspirations:  wind-carved snow sculptures were endlessly fascinating, and Jack Frost painted ever-changing scenes that kept building on our windows.  I had no concept of anything called “art.”  Spring brought further delights, and my imagination had a field day with the myriad forms leaves suggested.  Seasonal changes of clouds and northern lights completed the picture. When I was twelve, we moved from the northern hinterland to the “metropolis” of Lethbridge, Alberta.  I was blown away.  There I saw my first movie:  wow! World War II, work, and survival took over.  Then an exploration trip to Vancouver resulted in my marriage with Lesia:  we have celebrated our 67th anniversary.  By the mid-60s, after I finished my degree in Education, I finally had some time for artistic endeavours. One of … Continued

Art Exhibits – May, June, July 2017

May 14 – July 5  – Water, Water, Everywhere Vancouver Sketch Club We have chosen the theme to reflect on how precious this resource is. Water slakes thirst, nurtures, replenishes. Water can be churned into a storm, harnessed for energy or allowed to float placidly. Flora and fauna need water for survival and enhancement. Water can also be destroyed by careless action. We have a varied selection of paintings which represent this life force. Paintings are for sale If you see a painting you would like to purchase, please contact the artist directly or at the following email: For more information about the club, visit our website at July 5 – 31 –  Through My Eyes Derek Lamarque Digital art prints and lino cuts inspired by figures, faces, colour and the environment.

Visual Art Shows – April and May 2017

The Inner Beauty of Wood Exposed artist: John Voth continued to April 12 Coming Soon! April 14 – May 14 The UCV Childrens’ and Youth Show

Mary Bennett

Mary joined the congregation in 1991 after “just browsing” for two years and has been an active member ever since. She was the Executive Director of the Canadian Unitarian Council from 2000-2008. In 2017, she was given the award of lifetime member. You’ll find her gardening the labyrinth, at circle dance events as well as most Sunday mornings. She co-edits the UCV Events publication with Margo and helps with the website. Mary usually offers at least one worship service each year, sometimes including the annual Fire Communion in late December. She enjoys sacred circle dancing at the church and elsewhere. She’s a graduate of Louise Bunn’s Paganism 101 course and is dreaming up a circle dance cum pagan ritual for the coming year. Our Pagan Committee is not currently active. As chair of the Connect and Engage Membership subcommittee, she loves helping new members get connected with the community both … Continued