Unitarian History

The Invention of Air

We celebrate the beginning of the Advent season with a trip to the past and a rendezvous with the 18th Century Unitarian minister and scientist, Joseph Priestley, a radical in religion, science
and politics.

His scientific experiments, inspired by progressive religious beliefs, led to breathtaking, path-breaking … read more.

Encountering Our Ancestors XII 2016

October 30, 2016

Encountering our Ancestors XII

Rev. Steven Epperson

with guests from the past

Music: The “Ghost” Trio – Allegro vivace

 The “Ghost” Trio – Presto (excerpt)

The “Ghost” Trio – Lento (excerpt)       L. van Beethoven
Pat Armstrong, violin; Heather Hay, cello; E. Dainow, piano

Encountering our Ancestors … read more.