Topic: Unitarian Connections

Sources of Religious Insight

Unitarians are blessed and challenged, to an unusual degree in the religious world, with a full-spectrum of sources that enliven, inform and provoke our personal faith and our religious communities.

We’ll look again at these and some, perhaps, unexpected places for insight into our religious quest and being in the world.

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February 17 2019 - Sources Of Religious Insight (328.8 KiB)




2019-02-17 Sources Of Religious Insight (76.1 KiB)

What We Wish People Knew About Unitarianism

On this “bring a friend Sunday,” we’ll take a look at what it is that draws and keeps us committed to our faith tradition. There’s got to be things about being Unitarians we value, and wish other people knew.
Let’s count the ways and see if who and what we are makes sense and what it is we wish people knew about the religion we hold dear.
Music: Featuring music written by our own Joyce Poley

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January 27 2019 - What We Wish People Knew (440.0 KiB)

UN Sunday and Gibbard Award

Join us for a Celebration of UN Sunday and the opportunity to meet and hear from this year’s UN Gibbard Award winner. “The goal of world community with peace, liberty and justice for all”. We still affirm this principle and extend our support for the vision and effective work of the UN.
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October 21 2018 - UN Sunday (427.3 KiB)

Nurturing Compassion Together

Our pledge drive kick-off lifts up the vision of our congregation and the deeper meaning and purpose which our community and religion bring into our lives.

With the Chalice Choir and guest musician Tony Turner, former federal scientist and composer of folk hit Harperman.

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April 8 2018 - Nurturing Compassion (330.7 KiB)

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David Foster Wallace’s Kenyon College commencement address, This Is Water.

New York Times story about the remains found in the Man Bac excavation in Vietnam.


Tolerance and Toleration

This is our annual Partner Church service, expressing our partnership with Unitarians not only in one place but around the globe.

Annual Partner Church Service. Homily written by the late Rev. Dr. Phillip Hewett; read by Gavin Grandish. Special collection following the service to support Burundian refugee students studying in Rwanda.

Partner Church Committee

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March 11 2018 - Toleration And Tolerance (343.1 KiB)



Intergenerational Solidarity and Us

Increasingly, it is becoming clear that young people, roughly between the ages of 18 and 35, who make up what’s called the “Millennial Generation” face a unique set of challenges. How is this cohort responding to them? How does it impact their future and spirituality? And how can other age groups respond generatively?

This service will be a good run-up for our April 7th Metro Vancouver Gathering which will be exploring this and related issues.

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March 25 2018 - Intergenerational Solidarity (403.7 KiB)

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An Experience in Shared Ministry

As UUs we are keenly aware of the Interdependent Web of Existence. The concept is enshrined in our core seven principles. When it comes to ministry, interdependence means that we all share the ministry of the church and minister to each other.

I recently was on the receiving end of this collective ministry when I was critically ill and hospitalised for an extended period of time. In this service I will share my experience with you along with some thoughts about shared ministry.

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January 21 2018 - An Experience In Shared Ministry (604.9 KiB)



Connections and Conversations

Where do you find inspiration? Some find it in books, others in the deeds of brave individuals, while others in the beauty of nature.

I have recently been inspired by Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed. He was raised in the Unitarian Universalist faith and ordained in 1979. His messages are clear, sometimes hard to hear, and always filled with love.

This service will explore his writings and historical discoveries, along with implications for the future of Unitarian Universalism.

Speaker: Rosemary Morrison

Read the sermon:



Writings in UU World Magazine by Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed

Mark Morrison-Reed was President of the CUC when the CUC and UUA separated. Here’s a speech he gave at that time.

Fulgence Ndagiljimana Visits Vancouver

After escaping Burundi Rev. Fulgence Ndagijimana came to Canada as a refugee. He will share his experience of how partnership has the potential to help all concerned grow and adopt different perspectives. He strongly believes that that the Unitarian movement holds a collective power.