The Protestant Reformation and the Beginnings of Unitarianism

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation – events that fundamentally changed the face of European culture, politics, and religion. We’ll highlight major themes, identify the rise and nature of new religions, and describe how what became Unitarianism arose during those fateful decades in the 16th century.

The Past Forty Years and an Idea that Changed Our World

Some say it began about 1979, the rise of an idea – let’s call it neo-liberalism – that became a near global ideology. This ideology venerates the logic of the market and seeks to redefine the things that make us human. This will be an exploration of the times we live in and a time to question and affirm our values. Order of Service: Listen:

So, What Is Spirit Play?

You may have heard of Spirit Play. It happens in Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist Religious Education classes all over North America for our three to ten year olds. Is it a play? What kind of play? Or is it a methodology? Why and how is it different from other religious education instruction, and why do adults ask to learn about their Unitarian roots, principles and sources with the Spirit Play methodology when they hear about it? Come and see how Joy Silver unveils the mystery of Spirit Play.

What a Questioning Theist Learned from Atheism

I will share some of my reflections about how my life journey has taken me from growing up a liberal Christian to someone who believed in Spirit, to then doubt to the point of atheism, and now land where I am today. Whatever sources of inspiration you draw from, I hope my story invites you to reflect on your journey. Pianist: Eric Wyness Listen: Order of Service:  

The Religion of Robert Ingersoll

Today we want to acquaint you with the life and thinking of one of history’s great liberal religious thinkers, Robert Ingersoll. This 19th century American lawyer, politician, and orator, helped greatly to spread the gospel of liberal religion, and to work toward the emancipation of people’s minds from the stultifying tyranny of dogma and superstition. His words of wisdom are still valid today. Speaker: Gary Smook Listen:

Degrees of Freedom

Is free will truly free? How capable are we of exercising true freedom? An exploration of choice and predetermination, and the places where our decisions can make a difference in the way we shape our lives. Speaker: Bryan Gick Bryan Gick is a member of our congregation. Professor and Head of the UBC Linguistics Department, a Senior Scientist at Yale’s Haskins Laboratories, and a recently named Guggenheim Fellow. Author of over 100 published articles and author/editor of several books, including The Oneida Creation Story, Gick’s research spans fields from neuroscience to philosophy, pediatrics to electrical engineering, with the goal of understanding how human bodies and brains create spoken communication. Pianist: Elaine Joe   Listen

Connections and Conversations

Where do you find inspiration? Some find it in books, others in the deeds of brave individuals, while others in the beauty of nature. I have recently been inspired by Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed. He was raised in the Unitarian Universalist faith and ordained in 1979. His messages are clear, sometimes hard to hear, and always filled with love. This service will explore his writings and historical discoveries, along with implications for the future of Unitarian Universalism. Speaker: Rosemary Morrison Read the sermon: RosemaryMorrison_ConnectionsandConversations   Writings in UU World Magazine by Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed Mark Morrison-Reed was President of the CUC when the CUC and UUA separated. Here’s a speech he gave at that time.

Reverence and Revelry

Jul 10 2016 – Rosemary Morrison – Reverence And Revelry (9.8 MiB)  Order Of Service – July 10, 2016 (488.6 KiB)

Women Mystics and Resistance

March 8 2015 – Rosemary Morrison – Women Mystics And Resistance (9.2 MiB) International Women’s Day

The Unitarian Way

January 18, 2015 Rev. Dr. Phillip Hewett The Unitarian Way