Topic: Theology

Deep Green Change

The looming threats of climate change and biodiversity loss are caused by human behaviour. To modify behaviour, we can use incentives and discouragements. But they won’t stick without deeper change – a profound shift in our sense of ourselves and the world.
As Christ harrowed Hell to free lost souls, as Orpheus dove into Hades to save his Beloved, so we must visit the Underworld to find the Deep Green Change.

In this homily, Dr. George will give precise directions to the entrance to the Underworld. The rest will be up to you.

Music by Patrick Dubois

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April 21 2019 - Deep Green Change (437.6 KiB)

Religious Naturalism

While sharing core values, Unitarians, worldwide, are noted for theological diversity that ranges from pagan spirituality to secular humanism. We’ll be looking at a rich source drawn from our theological diversity, called “religious naturalism.”

While viewing that the natural world is all we have reason to believe exists, religious naturalism is deeply attuned to a sense of reverence in response to the beauty and scope of the natural world.

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March 24 2019 - Religious Naturalism (429.9 KiB)


2019-04-14 Religious Naturalism - Take Two (96.2 KiB)



Creativity A First Sunday, all-congregation worship service.

Claiming not to have all the answers to life’s question means Unitarians have tended to value creativity in our theology, congregational life, and in our homes, work and personal lives. Thinking, wondering, imagination, fluidity, and awe are hallmarks of creativity and our Unitarian way.

Let’s celebrate how it adds value to our play, problem solving and justice making (to name a few).

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March 3 2019 - Creativity (594.2 KiB)

The Religious Experience

The venerable Rev. Fred is our featured speaker. He writes “Many religious people have devoted their lives to seeking a religious experience. One fellow named Mert asked (Methodist) Bishop Quayle, ‘Bishop, how can I have an experience of God?’ The bishop said, ‘Well, Mert, go into a deep forest….’.”

Fred will finish this story when he speaks in Vancouver.

The Chalice Choir sings

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September 16 2018 - The Religious Experience
September 16 2018 - The Religious Experience
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The Religious Experience

When Religion Runs Off the Rails

Having explored what religion may be good for in February, let’s follow that up with a walk on the wild, more forbidding side of it. People have been asking what the heck’s going on with the toxic brew of religion, culture and politics south of the border and elsewhere. Let’s see where the journey takes us.

The Chalice Choir sings.

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March 18 2018 - When Religion Runs Off The Rails (373.2 KiB)

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What is Worship?

Every Sunday, we gather for worship services at UCV. But consider these questions: What do we think we’re doing when we do worship? What do we feel and experience? Is worship important, and why?

This will be an all congregation/all ages worship service where we get to ask and explore the meaning of worshipping as a Unitarian congregation. We may be in for some surprises.

The Chalice Choir sings.

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March 4 2018 - What Do We Do When We Worship (445.7 KiB)

The Protestant Reformation and the Beginnings of Unitarianism

2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation – events that fundamentally changed the face of European culture, politics, and religion.

We’ll highlight major themes, identify the rise and nature of new religions, and describe how what became Unitarianism arose during those fateful decades in the 16th century.