Spiritual Practice

So, What Is Spirit Play?

You may have heard of Spirit Play. It happens in Unitarian and Unitarian Universalist Religious Education classes all over North America for our three to ten year olds. Is it a play? What kind of play? Or is it a methodology? Why and how is it different from other religious education instruction, and why do adults ask to learn about their Unitarian roots, principles and sources with the Spirit Play methodology when they hear about it? Come and see how Joy Silver unveils the mystery of Spirit Play.

Dancing the Living Tradition

Have you noticed the invitations to sacred circle dancing and wondered what it’s all about? Mairy and Mary will share how circle dance became an important part of their spiritual journeys. A group of Unitarians will demonstrate some of the dances to songs from Singing the Living Tradition. During the service, you’ll be invited to sing or tap your toes or dance in the aisles. Our mantra in circle dance is: There are no wrong steps, only variations. All variations are welcome – even two left feet. Click below to see the text of our two talks and additional information. Dancing the Living Tradition Reflections Pianist: Eric Wyness Soloist: Nicola Hamilton

What a Questioning Theist Learned from Atheism

I will share some of my reflections about how my life journey has taken me from growing up a liberal Christian to someone who believed in Spirit, to then doubt to the point of atheism, and now land where I am today. Whatever sources of inspiration you draw from, I hope my story invites you to reflect on your journey. Pianist: Eric Wyness Listen: Order of Service:  

Unitarians and Prayer

What is prayer, and do Unitarians pray? Is it all right for me to ask and share some thoughts and feelings about this so widespread human spiritual/religious practice? And why is it so hard for me to even write these words? Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson The Chalice Choir sings.   Listen: Jan 29 2017 – Unitarians And Prayer (13.5 MiB) Order of Service: Read:   

Fire Communion

Fresh on the first dawn of 2017, our Fire Communion service will renew our annual incendiary ritual to help us burn away a dark year and light a path to a bright future. Leonie Armstrong and Patrick Dubois (Leonie Armstrong bio)