Topic: Spiritual Practice

Finding Balance

In this First Sunday all – congregation worship service we’ll be exploring ways in which we can be a people of balance. The ideal and practice of finding balance has been a key feature in religions, the sciences, the arts, and in our lived encounter with the rhythms of nature and the stages of our own lives.

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May 5 2019 - Finding Balance (459.3 KiB)

Religious Naturalism

While sharing core values, Unitarians, worldwide, are noted for theological diversity that ranges from pagan spirituality to secular humanism. We’ll be looking at a rich source drawn from our theological diversity, called “religious naturalism.”

While viewing that the natural world is all we have reason to believe exists, religious naturalism is deeply attuned to a sense of reverence in response to the beauty and scope of the natural world.

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March 24 2019 - Religious Naturalism (429.9 KiB)


2019-04-14 Religious Naturalism - Take Two (96.2 KiB)



Peace Like a River?

Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it,” wrote Norman Maclean. Rivers figure prominently in the religious traditions of the world. They pulse through First Nations cultures. Many name themselves after them and their treasured historic and cultural ties.
Join us for a commemoration of World Rivers day, and the call of Unitarian Sources to celebrate the circle of life and to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature.

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September 30 2018 - Peace Like A River (575.4 KiB)

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The Religious Experience

The venerable Rev. Fred is our featured speaker. He writes “Many religious people have devoted their lives to seeking a religious experience. One fellow named Mert asked (Methodist) Bishop Quayle, ‘Bishop, how can I have an experience of God?’ The bishop said, ‘Well, Mert, go into a deep forest….’.”

Fred will finish this story when he speaks in Vancouver.

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September 16 2018 - The Religious Experience
September 16 2018 - The Religious Experience
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The Religious Experience

Water Communion / In-Gathering

We celebrate the in-gathering of our congregation and the beginning of its 2018 – 19 year with our annual Water Communion. Please bring some water from your summer experiences, as well as an object like a photo, seashell, stone, or feather, that’s special to you.

We’ll fill our common bowl and create an altar.

The Chalice Choir sings.

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September 9 2018 - Water Gathering (566.9 KiB)

Air Communion Service by Louise Bunn

See below for a link to Louise’s sermon, readings and chart of correspondences.

Each year, our services include Water Communion, Flower (Earth) Communion, and Fire Communion. With this service, we complete the cycle of the four classical elements with an Air Communion. Come prepared to breathe.

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August 12 2018 - Air Communion (622.8 KiB)

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Air Communion Homily (106.3 KiB)

Finding My Spiritual Path

Describing Unitarian religion often focuses on what it isn’t. For me, what makes us religious is our gentle encouragement of a variety of collective and personal “spiritual” practices, broadly conceived. I’ll describe some of mine, and how I grew into them. Perhaps our paths will cross.

Karl Perrin is a life long Unitarian. He learned activism at Sunday school in Detroit, and has been an environmental activist since 1993. Currently he is helping to stop the second dilbit pipeline to Burnaby. In 2012, he wrote an anti-pipeline divestment resolution passed by a wide majority at UCV.

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August 5 2018 - Finding My Spiritual Path (405.2 KiB)

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The Spirit Flag

Most of us are comfortable thinking about our physical bodies, the ones made so substantially out of electron clouds, protons, space, and perhaps dark energy. We’re often less comfortable thinking about our mysterious minds – what they are, where they’re located, and the self which may be part of the mind.

Perhaps most mysterious of all is something we call spirit. Lying in hospital recently, recovering from open heart surgery, I started thinking about these things, and about the spiritual impulse that brings many people to the Unitarian Universalist movement. As I lay there, the idea of a Spirit Flag kept rising in my mind. This is an account of my Spirit Flag.

And a brief comment about Canada Day.

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July 1 2018 - The Spirit Flag (518.5 KiB)

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