Social Justice

The Religion of Robert Ingersoll

Today we want to acquaint you with the life and thinking of one of history’s great liberal religious thinkers, Robert Ingersoll. This 19th century American lawyer, politician, and orator, helped greatly to spread the gospel of liberal religion, and to work toward the emancipation of people’s minds from the stultifying tyranny of dogma and superstition. His words of wisdom are still valid today. Speaker: Gary Smook Listen:

Connections and Conversations

Where do you find inspiration? Some find it in books, others in the deeds of brave individuals, while others in the beauty of nature. I have recently been inspired by Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed. He was raised in the Unitarian Universalist faith and ordained in 1979. His messages are clear, sometimes hard to hear, and always filled with love. This service will explore his writings and historical discoveries, along with implications for the future of Unitarian Universalism. Speaker: Rosemary Morrison Read the sermon: RosemaryMorrison_ConnectionsandConversations   Writings in UU World Magazine by Rev. Dr. Mark Morrison-Reed Mark Morrison-Reed was President of the CUC when the CUC and UUA separated. Here’s a speech he gave at that time.

Dark Money: Epiphany and the Hidden Trillions

Last year’s revelation of the hidden economy residing in off-shore tax havens calls into question the very nature of the work of nation states, citizenship and the common good. What do we think about the implications of this practice for the Unitarian values of democracy, equity and justice for the world community? Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson  Jan 08 2017 – Dark Money (13.4 MiB)

Orlando Six Months Later

An uplifting story of how Orlando Unitarians supported the victims of the Pulse Nightclub shootings and the wider Orlando, Florida community. Rev. Dr. Steven Epperson