Do Trees have Rights?

Unitarians promise to “affirm and promote respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.” Some recent, and truly remarkable, court cases and legislation are making this affirmation even more meaningful.
In view of our principles and the sources of … read more.

Is Nature Thriving?

It may come as quite a surprise, but there’s a growing dissident view coming from some ecologists that nature is not about to give up. While some news is really bad, nature may be thriving in spite of, and in many instances because of, human … read more.

The Invention of Air

We celebrate the beginning of the Advent season with a trip to the past and a rendezvous with the 18th Century Unitarian minister and scientist, Joseph Priestley, a radical in religion, science
and politics.

His scientific experiments, inspired by progressive religious beliefs, led to breathtaking, path-breaking … read more.

The Important Stuff is Invisible

On this first Sunday of Advent we will check in with some of the latest news from the cosmos, as the world-wide science community reports back to us about their on-going quest.

From searching for the fundamental essence underlying all matter, to the mind bending, overall … read more.