Our Unitarian Community

Living Our Vision Now

What would a visionary congregation look like and what steps do we take to achieve it? Drawing from the new Vision statements of our congregation and the Canadian Unitarian Council, we’ll explore how we can deepen our spiritual lives, grow and enrich our congregation, and advocate for love and justice. Order of Service:  Listen:  

Dancing the Living Tradition

Have you noticed the invitations to sacred circle dancing and wondered what it’s all about? Mairy and Mary will share how circle dance became an important part of their spiritual journeys. A group of Unitarians will demonstrate some of the dances to songs from Singing the Living Tradition. During the service, you’ll be invited to sing or tap your toes or dance in the aisles. Our mantra in circle dance is: There are no wrong steps, only variations. All variations are welcome – even two left feet. Click below to see the text of our two talks and additional information. Dancing the Living Tradition Reflections Pianist: Eric Wyness Soloist: Nicola Hamilton

Fire Communion

Fresh on the first dawn of 2017, our Fire Communion service will renew our annual incendiary ritual to help us burn away a dark year and light a path to a bright future. Leonie Armstrong and Patrick Dubois (Leonie Armstrong bio)

Xundaohui – Seekers of the Way

  Xundaohui – Seekers of the Way 溫哥華尋道會– Vancouver Xundaohui – “Seekers of the Way” Listen: January 31, 2016 Keith Wilkinson